Galaxy Note 5 unable to select group messaging, other SMS and MMS problems

Are you having text or SMS problems with your #GalaxyNote5? Just continue reading and this post may help you. We have uncovered a possible T-Mobile-specific issue in this article so if you are a subscriber of this network, please come forward and let us know about any of your SMS or MMS problems so we can work together on a fix.

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These are the topics covered in this post:

  1. T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 no longer has option to select or deselect group messaging
  2. Galaxy Note 5 text messages are showing in Exchange email inbox
  3. How to block SMS using a third party app without making it as default
  4. T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 unable to include a text to an image when sending via stock Messaging app
  5. Galaxy Note 5 takes longer to receive SMS

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Problem #1: T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 no longer has option to select or deselect group messaging

I’m having issues with group messaging. I was in the phone is not very old, so I would say I had it for about 3 days before it stopped working properly. The issue is not sending messages in group format, it’s no longer being able to unselect it conveniently.

As I’m sure you know, when you go to send a message to two or more people, it converts to a multimedia message, a group message, and a check mark appears. This check mark allows you to send it as a group message, or deselect it and send it as a mass message as several individual messages.

The issue that I am having is out of nowhere that check mark is gone. I can still send group messages but to turn it off I have to go into the settings of my stock text messaging app. After some research, and lots of troubleshooting I read somewhere it could be related to the SIM card. Sure enough, upon removing the SIM card the issue was resolved. However, when the SIM card was replaced the issue persisted. So, naturally I went to the store and had T-Mobile give me a new SIM card which I was told what does alleviate the problem, which it did not. Na final attempt to alleviate this, I returned the phone and got a new Note 5. Upon turning on the phone, we confirmed that the check mark was there. Once we did the transfer to restore the phone, from backup files and settings from the previous Note 5, it stopped working again.

Now convinced I knew the issue, I remove the SIM card again. This time, it did not alleviate the problem. Desperate, I did a factory reset on the phone. In fact, I did four of them. Because the first few I backed up my data and restored the phone again. When the issue was not resolved, I decided to do the reset and back up and recover nothing. Even as a brand new phone with no previous settings, the issue persisted. I am leaning towards thinking it’s something in my settings, or something on my account. — Carlos

Solution: Hi Carlos. If nothing works after wiping the phone clean via factory reset, the issue might be firmware-specific. This means that the software (operating system) version from T-Mobile may be the root of the glitch. We haven’t a similar issue from other Note 5 users from other carriers so this might be unique to T-Mobile.

To work around this limitation, consider using a third party application in sending your messages until the issue is patched.

We recommend that you let T-Mobile know of this bug so they can improve their firmware accordingly.

Problem #2: Galaxy Note 5 text messages are showing in Exchange email inbox

The main issue is that texts are being forwarded to my main office email and i cannot find where to stop that. i do not want text messages forwarded.

have 2 exchange email addresses. i added one on Exchange Active Sync but cannot add a second.

Was told to go thru “Outlook” where i added second account. if i click on “outlook” i see 2 accounts, i click exchange i can only see one.

Contacts from second account did not transfer. your help will be most appreciated. — Olga

Solution: Hi Olga. To stop your text messages from syncing with your email, please follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Account Settings.
  • Tap the correct Exchange account.
  • Go to Sync Settings.
  • Scroll down to the very bottom until you find More settings then tap it.
  • Once in More settings, scroll down the bottom and look for Sync text message.
  • Make sure that Sync text message option is unchecked.

This procedure should stop your text message from showing in your Exchange email inbox.

Problem #3: How to block SMS using a third party app without making it as default

I have tried several apps, my issues is how to block SMS spam messages when all the apps say you have to use the app as your default SMS app if using Android 4.4 or later?  How do you configure the SMS blocking features? Or which app is good for SMS blocking that doesn’t require it to be the default SMS app? — Darlene

Solution: We’re not aware of a third party app that can function as a blocking tool for SMS unless it’s nominated as default. Android’s SMS function requires that only a default messaging app’s settings are enforced at one time to avoid conflicts so what you want is really not possible at this moment.

Problem #4: T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 unable to include a text to an image when sending via stock Messaging app

When I try to include text with my pictures (using the SMS app pre-installed on device), I am unable to do so. When I select “share” and then select to share via SMS, and select the picture, the only option I have is “Send”.  There is no option to “Attach” anymore. The same thing happens when I use the SMS app and try to send an MMS w/text included.  I click on the paperclip, it brings up the option for me to select where I want the picture to come from (Gallery, take a photo, etc. here, again, the option to attach is not included, only “Send”. Whenever I put any text in the Text field, the paper clip is still accessible, but the same thing happens…only “Send” is available.

I can combine both pictures and Text if all of the following are true:  1). The receiver is not on my contact list 2). It is a new text (not part of a thread) and 3). Any previous SMS/MMS from that person have been deleted.   I have done all the basic steps up to and including a Master Reset on the device. 

I started having this problem once I did the SW update from T-Mobile that enabled Video Calling and Enhanced Texting. — Michael

Solution: Hi Michael. Like Carlos above, we currently have to definite answer as to why some core functions of Galaxy Note 5 as regards SMS and MMS are missing. We think this is a firmware problem which must be addressed by T-Mobile. Make sure that you let them know about this so their developer team can roll an update to fix the issue.

We will be monitoring this issue so that we can post an update once this will be fixed by T-Mobile.

Problem #5: Galaxy Note 5 takes longer to receive SMS 

My issue is similar to one I saw you mention but not the same. My phone at seemingly random times will begin delivering batches of incoming texts late, sometimes slightly, longer. E.g. tonight I was texting with someone normally until 10:56; he then sent me 4 more texts from 11:00 to 11:10, but I received none until all 4 came at 11:14. I know when they were sent since I’m using Textra, and when this issue occurs it timestamps the incoming texts with BOTH the time they sent it AND the time I received it (and when I receive a text as I should, there’s only a single timestamp, so this seems to be a clear signal something’s happening). (Textra itself can’t be the issue; happened before and Textra seems to be the “best” of many apps I’ve tried.)

It seems completely random when this happens and resolves by delivering the messages, as well as how long the delay is each time. It’s usually not more than a few hours and frequently less than 1hr, but I have experienced a day before.

There seems to be no trigger; tonight as I was texting my friend, I was sitting in one spot on the couch watching TV for the whole time period, only texting on the phone, not using any other apps or making any calls.

Also, this doesn’t seem to be an issue (as far as I’m aware) with outgoing texts or any calls, though I suppose I could miss those issues more easily if they were happening.

I’d really like to know if there’s anything I can do to fix this… it may sound paranoid to say it seems to happen more often when I’m trying to make plans do something soon and this hurts them (though increased text volume could be involved?), but on the other hand I suppose it’s possible the issue DOES arise other times, and I just happen to not text at all during the time interval. In any case this has been incredibly frustrating and I don’t know what to do; any advice or even a solution would be much appreciated. — Drake

Solution: Hi Drake. All SMS and MMS problems have two basic sides we need to consider–phone or app, and network aspect. If you are getting duplicate messages, or delays when receiving SMS replies, the issue is mostly network related. It happens from time to time. Reliability of current cellular networks may be affected a lot of things including network congestion, computer/server performance, outages, to name a few. Any of them can be a point of failure that may negatively impact how messages are bounced and passed around.

To try to isolate the cause on your end, try inserting your SIM card in another phone and use it for a few days. This will help you check if your device is the culprit or not.

Unfortunately, there’s really nothing much that we can do as regards your issue aside from the one we suggest. It may be a good start though. If you will be unable to replicate the issue with a different phone, that’s a good indication that your device may not be working properly. Like Carlos above, you may want to consider asking for a replacement phone if you suspect that this is a device-specific problem.

We recommend that you talk to your network about this though. They always welcome issues like the one you have to improve their service. You must ask for the technical support team and not customer service so you can pass the word to the right department.


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