Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 slow charging, not charging, won’t turn on & other power issues

In this post, I will address Samsung Galaxy S5 (#Samsung #GalaxyS5) problems related to charging and powering on. We’ve already addressed hundreds of issues like these but we feel obliged to respond to the emails of our readers who were seeking help.


The first problem is about an S5 that charges slowly with third-party charger. The next one is still a charging problem but started after an update, which is not common but possible. Other issues include a unit that keeps turning on and off and couldn’t boot up successfully, blank screen, LED indicator won’t light up, etc.

Read on to know more of these problems and how to tackle them in case you’d encounter them in the future. If, however, you found this post while searching for a totally different problem, then I suggest you visit out Galaxy S5 troubleshooting page where we list down every problem we address week after week. Find problems that are the same or related to yours and try the solutions we provided. If they won’t work for you, then you may contact us by filling up this form.

Galaxy S5 charging slow with third-party charger (Verizon)

Question: Lost my original charger for my Galaxy S5. Husband bought me a new one that looks identical to my old one. Now I keep getting a slow charging message. Any way to fix it? — Nicole

Answer: The only way to fix that is to buy the original charger or one that has the same power rating. Galaxy S5’s power adapter gives out 2 Amperes of current. Anything lower than this would result to slow charging but the good news is, it’s not really a problem because the phone still charges; you just have to wait a little longer. But that is only when the charger you’re using produces, at least, 1A current. Anything lower than that, your S5 won’t charge.

You will find the specs of the charger your husband bought on the sticker. Try to see if it has 1A or higher. If only 1A, then turn off your phone while charging to make sure the phone would charge. Don’t worry so much about the “slow charging” prompt.

Charging issue after an update

Problem: Battery won’t charge after update. New phone.

Troubleshooting: Just perform the soft reset and your phone will be back to working condition:

  1. Open the back panel and pull the battery out.
  2. Press and hold the Power key for 30 seconds.
  3. Replace the battery and then the back cover.
  4. Turn the phone on.

Galaxy S5 turns on and off, can’t boot up (Verizon)

Problem: I downloaded the new lollipop update and it was working fine for the first few days but now it gets stuck on the Samsung logo and then turns off and turns on and goes back to the Samsung logo. I tried safe mode and i tried holding the power button, the volume up key and home button at the same time but nothing pops up. It’s just goes straight to the logo. Is there anything else I can try before I completely reset my phone? — Jessica

Troubleshooting: Hello Jessica. The Power key of your phone is stuck. Press (and release) the Power key as many as you would like or until the phone functions properly but if that fails, then it’s time you brought to a technician and have it checked. However, our diagnosis, based on your description, the Power key is stuck…or damaged.

Related Problem: Phone turns off and does not power back on. If it does power on it shuts off and repeats. Any clue? — Lisa

Galaxy S5 reboots over and over, screen goes black (Sprint)

Problem: With the recent update, my Galaxy S5 would just sit and just reboot over and over. When it was plugged into the charger it worked fine, take it off again back to the reboot. The screen just goes black. If I push on it with a little pressure the screen will come on. Any ideas. Why? Thanks. — Jessie

Troubleshooting: The reboot thing, I think it’s the battery. If the phone won’t stay on if not plugged in to a steady power supply, then you need to buy a new battery. Now, about the screen that stays black unless pushed in, it could be just a loose connection or the flex cable needs replacement. Bottom line, you need a technician to properly diagnose the problem.

Galaxy S5 won’t charge, won’t turn on, LED indicator not lit up (Verizon)

Problem: It was charging earlier today and when it was unplugged turned off. It will no longer turn on. Attempted soft reset – no change. “Charging” LED does not turn on. — Archer

Troubleshooting: Unless the phone suffered from liquid or physical damage, I think it’s all just a glitch and can be fixed by basic troubleshooting. Have you tried booting the phone in safe mode and/or recovery mode? You need to do both just to find out if the phone can still power up its hardware. To be guided accordingly though, please read our troubleshooting guide on how to fix a Samsung Galaxy S5 that won’t turn on.

Related Problem: I was playing temple run 2. My phone powered off and it won’t power on. Battery is fully- charged. When charger is plug into phone no lights comes on. Please help.

Galaxy S5 won’t charge after having water damage

Problem: I recently went on vacation. Foolishly, I thought my phone was waterproof, so I thought that I could swim with it in my pocket, so I did. Later that day, I realized that it was having problems connecting to a charger. Then, the next day, there was water in both cameras. The day after that, it stopped charging, period. I have bought a new charger, a wireless charger, and am waiting on a new battery. Nothing is helping, I even put it in a bag of rice for a week. I can’t afford a new phone, and need the one I have for work. Please help as much as you can. — Brandon

Suggestion: Hey Brandon. The thing about liquid damage is that we really don’t know the extent of the damage but based on experience, among the first components that will suffer after liquid found its way into the phone are the Power IC, which also makes charging possible, and other power chips. Battery and charger replacement won’t work that’s why it’s not recommended to turn the phone on when you know water has gotten into it. My suggestion is to have it checked immediately and don’t turn it on or charge it until the technician properly diagnosed the problem.

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