[Deal] Nexus Player now selling for just $50 at Best Buy

Nexus Player

Looking to get yourself the #Google #NexusPlayer? Best Buy is the place to look right now as the retailer is offering the Android TV console for just $50. This appears to be a limited period promotion, so customers are urged to hurry before the stocks run out.

The Nexus Player comes with a console and a remote to navigate on the big screen. Customers can purchase a controller separately, which would transform it into an Android gaming console. Interestingly, the controller (known as the ASUS Gamepad) is currently retailing for about $39.

The bundle would usually cost you $139, but this deal brings it down to just $89. So you can get the Nexus Player here and purchase the controller from another retailer and the price still wouldn’t touch $100. Price reductions like these are much expected given that the Nexus Player has somewhat taken a backseat on our minds in the midst of the NVIDIA Shield, Razer Forge TV and the likes.

But it’s hard to look over this Nexus Player deal given the pricing.¬†What makes the deal even better is the free shipping offered by Best Buy. Interested already? Head over to the link below and reserve a unit for yourself.

Source: Best Buy

Via: Android Central