Android Pay officially launching today

Android Pay

#Google has officially announced the arrival of #AndroidPay today, which will replace your Google Wallet app. In theory, this is merely a revamped version of Google Wallet and will let you make payments on NFC terminals, just like you used to.

This means that Google Wallet will now remain an online virtual wallet, with wireless payments going to Android Pay. It also brings an all new user interface and supports credit and debit cards from American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

Retailers like American Eagle, Macy’s, Pepsi, Subway, Staples, Whole Foods, Bloomingdales, Gamestop, Sports Authority, Office Depot and many others are supporting Android Pay, so you can head over to an outlet near you to try it out. This appears to be a U.S. only affair for the time being, but that could be changing soon.

You will notice that the Play Store listing for Wallet will change to Android Pay, if it hasn’t already. If you want to get the new app manually however, make sure you hit the link below.

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  1. Could and update associate with this release have caused my S6 edge to be unable to boot? I’ve read possibly all of your troubleshooting for S6 edges but the phone does not respond to any of the hardware buttons(can’t safe boot, or recovery mode). The weird thing is that when the phone is plugged in, the charge icon will display. Any idea if this release could have caused my problem?

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