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You can now set Microsoft Cortana as the default virtual assistant for Android


Google Now is the default virtual assistant on Android as we all know. Microsoft however wanted to give Android users a decent alternative by releasing its Cortana assistant for the Android folk. This has been available in beta for a month now and a new update to the app brings a crucial feature to the table.

With this update, users can finally set Cortana as their default virtual assistant, including support for the home button gesture. This basically means that you can completely do away with Google Now, should you so please. Voice commands like “OK, Cortana” still won’t work though since Android doesn’t allow other apps to keep listening for a voice command.

Google Now - Cortana

This might prove to be a hindrance in usage, but if you handle your mobile assistant without voice, trying out Cortana for your phone might be worth a go. It surely won’t replace Google Now purely due to the amount of integration that Google offers, but it’s certainly a good start from Microsoft.

Source: Microsoft News

Via: The Verge

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