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Want to know if your Android phone is vulnerable to Stagefright? There’s an app for that

Stagefright Detector

Given that Android was recently discovered to be suffering from a serious security issue known as ‘Stagefright’, a set of developers have decided to launch a Stagefright Detector app on the Google Play Store. This will tell users if their device is vulnerable to this bug, putting a rest to your worries )or increasing them), depending on the results.

Most devices should be vulnerable right now as Google and other manufacturers have only recently begun sending out security patches. But if you recently received an update on your smartphone, chances are that these bugs have been patched on your device.

Stagefright Detector

Remember that the app can only tell you if the handset is vulnerable and can’t fix the issue altogether. Devices need to get a security patch from the manufacturers to put an end to this bug. In the meantime, we urge you to not open MMSes that you get from unknown contacts, although even this isn’t a remedy as this malware can enter your device even if you don’t open the message.

Head over to the Play Store link below to download the app. The developers have updated the app as the old version showed fixed devices as vulnerable. You should be able to get more accurate reading from Stagefright Detector now.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Engadget

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