The Next Nexus Phone May Have Just Been Leaked

Nexus Phone 2015

While Android M is still in development, we don’t know much about the next Nexus phone. But now, we may have gotten our first look at it.

This prototype, if it’s real, looks quite different from the existing Nexus 6. Gone is the overtly large camera, which is now much smaller. The flash has now become independent from the camera as well, as it is above the camera in this shot.

But the most promising feature is what appears to be a fingerprint to the left of the camera, in this shot. With Android M bringing Android Pay with it and also now having native support for fingerprints, this would appear to make sense. Nexus devices usually are what Google uses to show off the best of the new features in Android.

There’s no other discernible information from this photo, but as we get closer to Android M’s eventual release, no doubt further leaks could happen. What do you think of this design being the possible next Nexus phone?

Source: Google+ via MKBHD