Sprint Will Abandon Two-Year Contracts By The End Of 2015

Sprint Storefront

More than two years after T-Mobile ditched the two-year contract system and just a week after Verizon abandoned them as well, soon Sprint will also stop offering 2-year contracts.

In a press release today, Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure says that the company will be fully moving to a model where they sell phones at full price, but offer leasing of phones as well. So unlike T-Mobile’s installment plans, Sprint will lease you a phone, and hopefully let customers fully buy a phone outright at the end of two years, or however long the lease is.

With this change, AT&T is now the only carrier in the US left that offers two-year contracts. And now that the other three have abandoned the 2-year contracts, you can bet that they will do so soon. Eventually, AT&T Next (their installment plan option) will probably be the only one people can choose from, aside from buying a phone for full price.

What do you think of Sprint abandoning the old two-year contract system in favor of leases? Does it work better for you this way, or does the old way work better?

Source: Sprint