Samsung giving away $200 to iPhone customers who switch to the new Galaxy flagships

Galaxy S6 edge+ Plus

It seems like #Samsung is quite desperate to switch over #iPhone customers to its side, as was evident from its recent ‘Test Drive’ promotion which would give iPhone users a chance to try out the Samsung #GalaxyNote5, #GalaxyS6edge+ or the #GalaxyS6edge for 30 days. The company has now increased the odds and is trying to bribe iPhone owners into getting the new Samsung flagships by offering cash discounts of up to $200.

Once purchased, users will receive a $100 Google Play Store credit in their inboxes. Further, Samsung will also send users a $100 check to iPhone owners who get either of the three smartphones mentioned above. This $100 will be separate from the trade-in price that you will be given by the carrier or retailer.

On paper it sounds like a very attractive proposition considering that users get a $100 discount on Samsung’s flagship handsets and a $100 credit on the Play Store to buy the content of their choice to get things started on Android. Are there any iPhone owners you know who could use some Android love? Refer them to Samsung’s page (link below).

Source: Samsung

Via: Android Central

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