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Samsung gets nostalgic about pens in showcasing the functionality of the S Pen

Samsung S Pen

It’s no secret at this point that Samsung will unveil the new Galaxy Note 5 smartphone during its August 13 event. As we all know, Samsung smartphones are known for their S Pen and unique software, which make for a very good experience for the creative types.

Samsung has now posted an image on its site, describing how pens have been part of history, while also telling us of the impact that its S Pen has had. The company is cautious enough to not give away too many details about the upcoming S Pen, so we’re not learning much about what’s to come.

This is simply Samsung’s way of reflecting on how far technology has come and the part that pens have played in our lives. By likening the S Pen to the conventional pens, Samsung wants us to know that the S Pen is almost like a real pen. I’ve personally not been a fan of the S Pen, mainly due to responsiveness related issues. But let’s hope that things will be different with the new S Pen on board the Galaxy Note 5.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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