Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge does not power on


While it’s true that any electronic device cannot run forever, it’s a totally different scenario when an expensive, powerful smartphone like your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge suddenly stops working for no apparent reason.

Majority of the people who experience this problem are ordinary users who are used to have a reliable device. Having a Samsung flagship phone die all of a sudden can be a real shock.

Our post for today shows us some of the cases shared to us by our loyal pool of readers. We think a lot of the concerns mentioned here have software or firmware causes so this article will provide the standard checklist of things to do when dealing with the problem.

Before we proceed to giving you the potential solutions, it’s worth noting that a defective battery problem like this one from Ibrahim can also lead to the same symptom–phone failing to start or power on.

The phone doesn’t come on unless it is connected to the charger and as soon as you unplug the charger, it goes off. When the phone is connected to the charger it says the battery life is at 100% but it doesn’t last at all. The phone behaves like there’s no battery in it at all. — Ibrahim

Two other readers, Dean and Daniel, say their phone would boot up in any other mode. This means that the problem is either a complete battery failure or hardware malfunction.

So last night i was with my friends walking around and my phone was in my pocket and when i took it out it was off and I know i charged it but my friends just told me it died. so later that night when i got home my phone didn’t charge at all. i tried putting it into safe and every other mode i can put it in and it just wont turn on at all please help, thank you. — Dean

My phone just died out of the blue… it was on low battery but when I tried charging or turn the phone on it would not react in any way… I left the phone charging for over 10 hours and I am still not able to turn it on. I’ve tried with every button and so far with no success… I’ve bought the phone about 2 months ago. — Daniel

Either way, this means that the troubleshooting steps we will provide below will not work. If the phone completely ignores all inputs from the user (including commands using hardware buttons to boot in recovery or safe mode) the only way to resolve the problem is repair, or replacement request.

What to do when your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge won’t power on

These are some of the cases that we think our potential solutions will still be of help.

I just purchased this phone two days ago and transferred all my old data from my S5 to it using smart switch. Today, i didn’t charge the battery for a whole day and it was 3% when i put it on charge. But i was still using the phone as it was charging and noticed that the battery fell from 3 to 1% in one minute and phone shut off. So i left it to charge, and after i checked it after 30 minutes, the battery was showing 1%. I thought it was an error so i turned it on, the charging sign was showing but the battery instantly went to 0% and the phone shut off. I tried changing the charger but the battery won’t go over 1%. Now it’s completely died, i can’t get it to turn on. I tried different plugs, but no avail. Even the charging sign is not showing. What should i do? — Sheharyar

I put the dropdown in “other” because I cannot turn on my phone, nor will it charge. I have tried holding down every button combo there is, and I have plugged every cable that works with my phone in different outlets, my computer, etc. But the charging icon won’t appear. I can’t reset the phone because it doesn’t have enough battery to turn on, and I can’t charge it. Help me please! — Tyler

Hi. My Samsung won’t turn on. It was at 3% battery so I plugged it into my charger. Returned to it about 45 minutes later and it would not turn on & is only displaying the red indicator at the top of the phone. That’s all it does!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. — Nick

My phone was charged overnight, worked with my alarms going off this morning, and a few hours later when I checked it at work, it will not show me the screen. I see a blue led light blinking at the top-and it will not power off, or on, or allow me to see anything if I try to swipe or press anything that would activate a screen to see. Help??

***-***-**** is my cell #, and when I call it-it goes straight to voicemail. I did charge the phone for a few hours-and no change.

My work # is ***-***-**** (. — Leslie

I’m having this trouble for the second time in two weeks. the phone has just turned it self off randomly by it self with not response from any different power sources E.g Computer and different power outlets. the computer can’t detect the phone and i can’t get it to respond to a soft or hard reset, i have to let the phone go completely dead and put it on charge for it to come back on.

 have tried using the charger that came with the S6 Edge and still nothing from it.

If there is anything you can help with ASAP i would appreciate it as it’s my work phone. I’m thinking to take it back to Telstra and get a new phone replacement as this phone is only few months old and i can’t be without a phone because of work, if you can help me would be great thanks. — Tyler

Leave the phone charged for at least 20 minutes

If you have been using your S6 Edge for sometime and fully discharged the battery in the process, it may take a while to get enough power to turn the phone back on. If the battery has been completely emptied, nothing happens when you press the Power button at all. Make sure that you plug the device to your wall outlet long enough to restore minimum battery levels.

Check if the phone turns on but the screen doesn’t

There are some rare cases that the phone may actually turn back on although the screen simply fails to light up. This is either due to a defective screen or the phone’s display driver may have failed. Long press the Power button to turn off the phone and wait until you feel the vibration. Unlike the previous Galaxy models, your S6 Edge has a non-removable battery pack so instead of performing a soft reset by removing the battery, holding and long pressing the Power button will suffice.

Have the phone repaired or replaced if nothing comes up after the reboot.

Check for other symptoms leading to the problem

If you notice other signs of malfunction before the phone failed to power on like freezes, crashes, reboots, or other weird behaviors, the real problem may be software in nature. You should be able to restore the phone’s functions by reflashing the firmware to a different one. There are many guides in the web to help you do this process so don’t be intimidated on how to do it. If you can’t do it yourself, contact your carrier or let someone do it for you. We recommend that you consider this option last though.

If the phone has taken some liquid or water damage, you may have a hardware component failure at hand. Water can easily fry the phone’s motherboard components and may lead to total phone failure.

Try checking this article out and see if you can save the phone by following our suggested solution: Things to do when you have a water-damaged Android phone.

Perform a factory reset via recovery mode

Another potential solution that you can do if your phone fails to start properly is to perform a master reset. This is especially helpful if your phone appears to start initially but fails to boot up completely to normal mode. This is what we call bootloop.

A factory reset will erase everything off your phone’s internal memory so if you did not save a copy of your personal data–photos, videos, contacts, etc. — to another computer or cloud, you can kiss all of them goodbye. Doing a factory reset should only be done if you have exhausted all available means of reviving your S6 Edge. Here’s how:

  • Turn off your device by pressing the Power button or by pressing it once and selecting “Power off” option.
  • Now, press and hold the Power, Volume Up and Home button at the same time.
  • When the blue Android Recovery menu appears on the screen, release all the buttons.
  • To navigate on the screen or highlight an option, simply press the Volume Up and Volume Down
  • Highlight Wipe Data / Factory Reset
  • Press the Power

That’s basically all the things that you can do as an user to try and fix your non-responding phone. If nothing works, you can assume that a hardware issue is the culprit. A repair or replacement is the next best thing to do.


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  1. I have an s6 edge that will not power up. We tried having the battery replaced but it did not fix the problem.

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