Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S Pen issues detailed by a teardown

Galaxy Note 5 Teardown - S Pen

If you’ve been following the news at all lately, you would be aware of the issues surrounding the #GalaxyNote5 and its #SPen stylus, where inserting it wrongly could potentially break the device and some of its functioning. #Samsung offered a word soon after, but that was barely addressing the issue at hand.

Following this episode, the folks over at 9to5Google have managed to conduct a teardown of the device to properly understand where the smartphone might be at fault. And as expected, it’s the company’s design that is to be blamed. The S Pen slot has two openings or levers, one which which acts as a switch for the auto detection feature that’s enabled while removing the S Pen, the second lever located at the end simply keeps the S Pen in place.

Pushing it backwards essentially breaks the auto detection lever, rendering it useless. In some cases, the stylus might get stuck at the top lever, making it nearly impossible to get out. This seems like a massive design flaw that could haunt the company over the coming months. One can liken this to Apple’s Bendgate (Pengate), although the issues aren’t that severe here.

If you already have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or intend to get one, just make sure you watch closely while inserting the stylus back in its silo.


Via: 9to5Google