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Rite Aid Is Adopting Mobile Payments

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Last year, Rite Aid and a few other companies became a little infamous when they announced that they were disabling their NFC readers due to an exclusivity deal with the Merchant Customer Exchange, a company also trying its hand at mobile payments through CurrentC. But since CurrentC has yet to launch and the exclusivity contract is probably expiring soon, Rite Aid is allowing mobile payments again.

All of Rite Aid’s 4,600 stores in the US will be able to accept mobile payments, including Google Wallet and Apple Pay, starting this Saturday, August 15th. Rite Aid also says that they will be able to support the forthcoming Android Pay when it launches with Android M this fall.

In their announcement, Rite Aid says:

“By accepting mobile payments, we’re able to offer Rite Aid customers an easy and convenient checkout process, which we know is important to them. Investing in mobile technologies is just one piece of Rite Aid’s evolving digital strategy and we will continue to explore, test and implement innovative technologies that will help us to better serve our valued customers.”

So if you shop at Rite Aid and want to pay for things with your phone, you will be able to starting Saturday. As we get closer to the fall and various contract expiration dates, it’s more than likely that other NFC holdouts will get it into stores. Will you be more likely to use mobile payments once it is more widespread?

Source: Business Wire via Android Central

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