New leak reveals the Galaxy Note 5 in fresh photos, no microSD card slot on offer

Galaxy Note 5

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is scheduled for an announcement later this month as we very well know by now. But before the launch, there was a rumor going around that Samsung would use a microSD card slot with the device. However, further rumors claimed that this was false and this new leak is reinstating that.

We’re getting a very good look of the front portion as well as the sides/bottom, while the back is hidden. What the leak also shows is the lack of any opening for a microSD card slot, putting rest to those rumors once and for all. The Galaxy Note 5 utilizes a design very similar to the Galaxy S6, so it would have been hard for the company to have a removable storage slot on board.

We have to also consider the fact that having the ability to expand storage has historically caused many troubles for manufacturers, so it’s always a good call to only support native storage.

Galaxy Note 5 - Back

From what we can see in these images, the bezels are slightly slimmer as well, which should let Samsung cram in the display in a relatively smaller exterior. The display size of the Galaxy Note series has been unchanged since the Galaxy Note 3, and we don’t think the company is looking to change that just yet.

What do you make of these images? Share your thoughts below.

Via: Droid Life

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  1. No SD card and No removable battery put me off the S6 I think it will put me off the Note 5 as well. Which is too bad. It was my hope that it WOULD have both and I would upgrade to it. Now I may have to go off Samsung and look elsewhere. Too bad, I’ve enjoyed their products but may have to try Google plain Android or perhaps another Droid

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