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Mystery LG smartwatch with support for Verizon’s networks hits the FCC

LG Verizon Smartwatch

It seems like #LG is prepping the release of a new smartwatch, going by a new FCC listing. Further, the smartwatch is shown to be carrying support for #Verizon Wireless networks underneath, along with a SIM card slot. The wearable is shown to be carrying the model number LG-VC200 and could even have something like a 3.5 mm headphone jack underneath, making it more of a standalone device than a companion accessory.

It is shown that the WiFi Hotspot function is disabled on the smartwatch along with WiFi Direct, so the device won’t be capable of tethering its internet connection to another device. Overall, this could well be LG’s answer to the upcoming Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch which is set for an unveiling at the IFA event in Berlin next month.

The bad news here is that this smartwatch might remain an exclusive to Verizon Wireless, so don’t expect to find this on other networks anytime soon.

Source: FCC

Via: Phone Arena

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