Motorola to absorb Lenovo’s mobile division

Motorola - Lenovo

Ever since #Lenovo acquired #Motorola, there has been enough talk about what it could mean for the two companies. While it was widely believed that the two would co-exist simultaneously, a new report mentions that Lenovo Mobile will soon come under Motorola Mobility. This essentially means that all Lenovo phones could be sold using Motorola branding.

This will be a gradual process of course and Lenovo will slowly start cutting down its smartphone portfolio until it can completely come under Moto’sĀ umbrella. Lenovo’s recent venture, the ZUK Z1 and the ZUK brand in general will remain in operation independently, it is said.

With Lenovo coming under Motorola Mobility, the company can hope to make the most of the brand recognition that has established Motorola over the years. Moving forward, the Motorola R&D team will be responsible for the development of future smartphones. While this could be a way to cut losses for Lenovo, it’s also a wise move consideringĀ current state of the mobile industry.

Source: Xiaomi Today