Microsoft’s new Translator app works with Android Wear too

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft released its new Translator app for Android not too long ago and we’re already seeing that the app supports Android Wear smartwatches. The support isn’t incidental as we’re seeing Play Store screenshots also showing Android Wear support for the new app.

This essentially means that you can whip out text translations directly from your smartwatch, without having to take out your phone. The app supports instant translation in up to 50 languages, making it very versatile and a must have for those who frequently travel to new places. Given that it’s a free download, it shouldn’t hurt to try out the app from the Play Store.

Being a long standing Google Translate user, it hasn’t taken much time for me to get used to the Microsoft Translator app. The functionality is pretty simple and the fact that it supports your wearable (while Google Translate doesn’t) is surely a highlight of this app. Microsoft Translator is also available for iPhones and the Apple Watch.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Ausdroid

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