Inserting the S Pen backwards on your Galaxy Note 5 might damage the device

Galaxy Note 5

While there are innumerable advantages to having a stylus like the S Pen on your device, it isn’t without its own set of pitfalls, a new report has found. According to some unlucky users, inserting the S Pen backwards on the #GalaxyNote5 causes the device to stop recognizing the stylus altogether. In some cases, the S Pen wouldn’t even come out if it’s inserted wrongly, telling us that this could be a serious concern.

We know what you’re thinking, why would somebody insert the stylus backwards? Well, nobody will do it intentionally, but some users (or kids) might insert it the wrong way accidentally. Ideally, it makes sense to keep a provision for something like this, but sadly that doesn’t appear to be the case with the Galaxy Note 5.

While some users found that S Pen detection was bust after this accident, some were able to get it back with a bit of wiggling inside the slot, something which is not recommended for new users. Samsung is yet to respond to this flaw, but we expect to get a word or two from the company as the word starts to spread.

Via: Android Police