How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 4 microSD Not Saving Data & Other Related Issues

One advantage that an Android smartphone has over its iOS counterpart is that its data capacity is not limited by its internal storage. If the device has a listed 16 GB of internal storage space then this can be further increased if the phone has a microSD card slot which most Android devices have. This way, the 16GB can be expanded further to 32GB, 64GB and sometimes 128GB.

 The #Samsung Galaxy #Note4 is one such device that has a microSD slot that can accommodate up to 128GB capacity card. This allow the owner to save more videos, photos, and music.  While this is definitely an advantageous feature the downside to this is that if access issues occur. What if the Note 4 microSD is not saving data? This and other related issues are what we will tackle in today’s installment of the troubleshooting series.

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Note 4 Music Files Missing From microSD

Problem: Hey guys i love the info from drippler i always read but never have a problem with my GN4 until now; so i had a 32g sd card with over 2000 songs I got a 128g sd card for my birthday of course I wanted to swap out my songs from the 32g to the 128g, I do not A desktop or any other device to swap out my music so I put all the music I can on my phone put in 128g and added the music to let and repeated the process until there was no more music on the 32g I also repeated the process with a 16g that was in my tablet, again until there was no music left on the card, check both cards 32g and 16g both were empty formatted both cards all music was on the 128g the next morning I checked my phone and 90% of my music was gone only 700 songs remain out of a total of 3000 in total luckily for me I read dribbler on a regular basis and downloaded the dumpster app that saved all of my music the problem is and was that I cannot add the music back to the new SD card one to the files have been separated into two files the music file and the actual music data I’ve given up on getting my music back but I would love to know what happened so it doesn’t happen again or that I can prevent it.

Solution: Most of the time whenever files go missing unexpectedly from the microSD card it is usually caused by a corrupt file allocation table of the card itself. In short, you may have bought a faulty microSd card.

Try to verify further if the missing content is really missing by taking out the microSD card and connecting it to your computer. You may need to use a microSD card adapter for this. Using your computer file explorer open the microSD card and verify if the files are present or not.

If the files are present then your phone software may have a problem in which case you need to reinsert the microSD card to your phone and start it in Safe Mode. If you can view your music files in this mode then the problem may be caused by a third party app installed in your phone. Find out what app this is and uninstall it.

If the files are missing then chances are the card may have a problem. I suggest you replace this. Get one from a reputable brand such as Samsung and choose one that is rated at Class 10. If you can’t get a new microSD card at the moment then the next best thing to do is to format the microSD card using your phone then check if the issue still occurs.

Note 4 Cannot Write To MicroSD Card

Problem: My SD CARD has 7GB EMPTY but won’t let me store anything, keeps telling me SD CARD HAS NO ENOUGH ROOM, TY

Solution: Is this a blank microSD card? If it is then I suggest you format this card using you phone first then try to store data into it again. If you have some important data stored in the card then create a backup of this data before proceeding with the format.

Note 4 Error When Moving Apps To MicroSD

Problem: I use a utility called MoveApps to move applications to the SD card.  On a couple of them, I get an error message that says “”Unfortunately, Package Access Helper has  stopped.”” The only option is to press the “”OK”” in the error window. The apps that this happens with are Nook and Kobo.  Is there a way to get around this error? Thanks

Solution: This issue may be caused by the current phone software version that you are using. Try to check if there are any new software updates available for your phone and install them. These updates may contain the necessary fixes for this issue.

If your phone is running on the latest software version already then the reason behind this is probably both the Nook and Kobo apps need to be running from the internal storage of your phone to function properly.

Note 4 Not Reading microSD Card

Problem: My device will no longer read my SD card. Started about a lil over a month ago. Help please.

Solution: The quickest way to troubleshoot this problem is to get a new microSD card and see if your phone can read this. If it can then your old microSD card may already be corrupt. You can have your computer read you old microSD card. You will need a microSD card adapter to connect the card to your computer. If your computer can read the card then I suggest you create a backup of its contents then format it using a FAT32 partition.

If however your phone does not read the new microSD card then try to check your phone’s microSD card slot if there are any abnormalities present. These may include damaged contacts that may be bent or out of shape. You should also check for any signs of dirt and if you spot any clean it out using a can of compressed air.

If you don’t spot any noticeable damage to the microSD card slot then I suggest you back up your phone data and do a factory reset. After the factory reset try to check if your phone can read the microSD. If the issue still remains then have your phone checked at an authorized service center.

Note 4 Damages microSD Cards

Problem: Hi. Am a keen follower on your dripper articles especially on the note 4 since I own one. I have been having an issue of late and it has been bugging me for quite a while now. Every time I insert an Sd card to my phone, they never seem to last. After a short while when using them they become completely dead and you can’t even format them even on a PC. I have tried all manner of things but to no avail. It has reach a point am even considering to change my phone and move to Apple. Any advice you can give me or any solutions that you might have will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Solution: You may be getting corrupted microSD cards. Are you buying the same brand card? If you are then try switching to a different brand, preferably a Samsung Class 10 microSD card. If the problem still persists then the phone microSD card hardware module may be causing this problem. You will have to bring your phone to an authorized service center and have it checked.

Note 4 Cannot Read Files In microSD

Problem: I upgraded to a Note 4 from a Note 2 and moved my 64 GB SanDisk.  Problem is, when I first moved the SD card my new Note 4 it couldn’t see any files on it; the Note 4 was powered off at the time I moved the card.  I tried reseating the card rebooting it several times and still no luck.  I then tried reseating the card with the phone powered on.  When I removed it a message appeared saying “SD card unexpectedly removed”; when I put it back in another message said “Preparing SD Card”.  After reseating while powered up it could see the files on the card.  Unfortunately it stops again and I have no idea what triggers that.  It takes hours to happen and it isn’t as though I do anything weird with it and it stays powered up the whole.  At this point I am thinking about swapping it for a new one.

Solution: Do you have any data stored in the microSD card? If you have then connect this card to your computer then create a backup of the data. Once finished you can format the card using the computer (choose a FAT32 partition). Once the format is complete insert the card to your computer and check if the issue still occurs. If it does then I suggest you get a new microSD card as the one you are using may already have some corrupt sectors.

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  1. #Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is not saving new contact phone numbers, nor deleting old ones. When I enter a new contact ph number, it acts as if saved it all right, but, when I go back to look for that contact I just saved it will not be there. Same thing when I delete an old contact, it acts as if the contact was actually deleted, but when I reopen the contact list, it still there. I don’t have that many contacts. I don’t unde stand why my Note is doing that. Please tell me what to do. Thank you.

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