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Have a look at Samsung’s keyboard case for the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+

Samsung Keyboard

A few days ago, we stumbled across images of a mysterious looking keyboard case attached to the Galaxy S6 edge+, which suggested that Samsung might have some unique accessory planned for its new flagship. The company has now made these cases official and they’re supported by both the Galaxy S6 edge+ and the Galaxy Note 5.

They’re essentially an external keyboard for your smartphone, which is a clever idea as not everybody can handle large sized devices. This keyboard accessory doesn’t need Bluetooth connection to function, nor does it have a battery underneath. As you can probably see from the images, it takes up a significant amount of your screen.

Samsung says that your device will automatically recognize when the keyboard has been snapped on to the phone and will adjust the screen size accordingly. This saves the trouble of shrinking and expanding the display every time you use the accessory. To make it easier to carry around, the case can also be snapped onto the back panel of the device, so you can also enjoy the full display real estate whenever you want.

The company is yet to divulge details on the pricing and availability of this accessory, but we don’t think they will go easy on your wallets. Check out the gallery of images that we’ve compiled for you below.

Via: Sam Mobile

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