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Google to launch more affordable Android One phones

Android One

Google’s Android One project was announced as a pilot program for India last year. Gradually, the devices were also launched in neighboring Asian regions in accordance with hardware manufacturers. However, despite heavy marketing of the lineup, Android One failed to take off for Google. A company executive said – “It is like any company when you try to launch a new initiative – we had a few hiccups.”

A new report now mentions that Google hasn’t given up on the project just yet and that it intends to release more products in the series, perhaps with a lower price tag. It is said that the company is targeting phones at the $50 price point, which is significantly lower than the current crop of Android One phones.

Google is said to be prioritizing the use of its products on slower data networks, which is required for some developing regions of the world where internet connectivity is scarce. The company hasn’t yet spoken about its intentions to bring Android One to the U.S. The series was recently launched in Europe (Turkey), so we cannot rule out an expansion plan at this point.

Source: Financial Times

Via: Techno Buffalo

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