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Google supposedly planning Play Store referral program

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Most online retailers offer a referral commission for sites and content providers who provide a link to their product pages. It seems like Google is planning to do something similar, but with the Play Store. It is said that the company will keep referrals limited to music, movies and TV shows for the time being, although it will also want to bring hardware and app downloads under the program somewhere down the line.

The way it works is that site a will offer a link to a particular artist or movie’s page on the Play Store. And when a reader clicks this link and makes the purchase, Google will offer the source site a commission as a thank you. We must remember that this isn’t set in stone at the moment and is said to be in early developmental stages, which tells us that Google is merely tinkering around with the concept and might not even go through with it completely.

What do you think about a potential Play Store referral program.

Via: 9to5Google

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