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Google+ Does Not Come With The Galaxy Note 5

Galaxy Note 5 No Google Plus

Google is slowly distancing itself from Google+. As YouTube and Google Photos either soon or already don’t need Google+ to function, it’s becoming more evident that they are scaling it back. And now, it looks like Google has extended that to their hardware partners.

Over at Android Central, they have discovered that on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 units that they have received to review, the Google+ app does not come preinstalled. This is a change, as Google requires all official partners to have lots of Google apps come with their device. Now, Google Photos comes by default, instead of Google+.

Of course, this won’t stop dedicated users who want to use Google+ from using it. They can still download the app from the Play Store as they always have. But as Google further detaches its services from Google+, you have to wonder if they’ll kill it.

Source: Android Central

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