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Google could soon inform you of the potholes in your path during navigation

Potholes - Google

Badly done roads can usually develop potholes overtime. And it’s always a pain to drive through these menacing dents on the road, even more so if you’re trying to dodge them. Well, #Google could be looking to make your driving experience a little better in the midst of potholes, according to a patent application filed with the authorities.

Google is essentially planning to let the customers know when there’s a pothole on their way. This means Google would have to track the roads and detect potholes beforehand. The math behind it doesn’t seem all that complex, but it will most likely take some time to come to fruition. It is said that the U.S. loses nearly $87 billion in fuel and time, so this could be a game changer from Google.

Of course, drivers familiar with the roads would know where the potholes exist, but there’s no telling as to when a new pothole will emerge on the road. This feature should be implemented within Google Maps when made available. The idea is quite similar to Street Bump that was initiated by the City of Boston, but it was user generated. Here, Google will have to curate the data on its own, so we’re expecting it to be significantly better.

Source: Free Patents Online

Via: The Verge

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