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First Galaxy Note 5 drop test reveals easy-to-crack glass back panel

Galaxy Note 5 - Back Panel

The #Samsung #GalaxyNote5 is one of the latest flagships to hit the market. Keeping that in mind, it’s only fair that we get an idea of how durable the device is, especially since it is a crucial factor for most new buyers.

A new video demo shows us how the smartphone fares in situations like accidental drops and the results are less than flattering for Samsung. In the overall score, it was seen that the Galaxy Note 5 performed better than the Galaxy S6, but was still poor as the glass back panel cracked pretty easily.

Perhaps this is one of the downfalls of picking design over practicality and would give users a very good reason to buy one of the many cases and accessories that are sold for the smartphone.

It’s quite clear from this video that if you intend to own a Galaxy Note 5 and are prone to dropping your devices every now and then, getting a case is an absolute must. What do you think?

Source: YouTube (PhoneBuff)

Via: Phone Arena

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