Facebook building a new app which will offer news content to the users

Facebook - News Service

In a bid to rival Twitter, a new report is talking of Facebook’s plans to release a news oriented application for mobile devices. It is said that the social media giant will team up with media houses for procuring content and will send them out to users as they break.

Getting more specific, the report talks of how alerts will be sent out in 100 characters or less so as to not clutter your screen. The news alert will have a link to the full story, which will redirect you to the publication’s official site. Facebook has denied to comment on this as of now, but we might hear more about it over the coming months.

Twitter is pretty active as far as news content is concerned and word spreads around like wildfire on the platform. While it might be hard for Facebook to rival that with a new service, it could never hurt to try. Right?

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Source: Business Insider