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[Download] Google Now Launcher from Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Android 6.0 Marshmallow

We’re all pretty excited for #Android #Marshmallow and the suite of features that it’s supposed to bring to the table. Some developers have now managed to snatch the Google Now launcher from this yet to be commercially released operating system, giving us early access to the launcher.

Unfortunately, the vertical scrolling app drawer isn’t available with this new launcher and it seems to be just packing the new Android 6.0 wallpapers, which are still pretty decent, we must say.

These are all high definition wallpapers and perfectly suited for any screen and ideal for QHD smartphones such as the Nexus 6, Galaxy S6 and the likes. But if you’re looking for the actual Android 6.0 experience, you might have to wait slightly longer.

Marshmallow should be commercially available by October or November this year when #Huawei and #LG unveil their Nexus flagships of the year. A lot has changed with Android 6.0 including some visual tweaks done to the UI, so there’s plenty in store for the fans.

Source: APK Mirror, Reddit

Via: Phone Arena

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