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Deutsche Telekom Is Turning Off Auto-Retrieval Of MMS

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Taking a step further than any phone manufacturer, German carrier Deutsche Telekom has decided to combat the issue of the Stagefright exploit by disabling auto-retrieval of MMS messages until it is fully patched. This means that if you receive a picture of video from someone, it will not automatically download.

When you receive an MMS message, you will instead receive a SMS with a link to the video, where you can then view it. The message will say, “You have a new MMS. You can follow this link to download within 3 days (with credentials like number and passcode).”

Deutsche Telekom is warning users to use caution when clicking on a link to view their MMS messages, as they could still exploit the zero-day in your phone. So if you get an MMS from a number you don’t recognize, it might be wise to not open it.

Since T-Mobile in the US is partially owned by Deutsche Telekom, it remains to be seen if they will follow their parent company’s lead in this situation. Even if they don’t, Deutsche Telekom will automatically let everyone automatically retrieve their MMS messages again once Stagefright is fully patched.

Source: Deutsche Telekom via Android Central

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