[Deal] Best Buy selling Amazon’s Fire Stick for just $25

Fire TV Stick

American retailer Best Buy is now matching Amazon’s recent Prime Day pricing of the Fire TV Stick HDMI streaming device by offering it for just $25. The Fire TV Stick usually sells for $40 from Amazon and elsewhere, but it’s good to see a third party retailer like Best Buy offering the discount as well.

The Fire TV Stick was essentially a contender to Google’s Chromecast media stick and has been partially successful for Amazon so far. However, it hasn’t quite seen the sort of reception that the Chromecast received mainly due to the closed ecosystem of Amazon, which doesn’t offer the full Android experience.

But if you’re already invested in Amazon for media content and other offerings, the Fire TV Stick is an excellent choice for your household. Unlike the Amazon deal, you can actually pick up the product from a nearby Best Buy outlet after placing the order online. This is a convenience that Amazon doesn’t offer. Head over to the link below for more details on this deal.

Source: Best Buy

Via: Android Police

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