[Deal] 2014 Verizon Moto X selling for $179.99

2014 Moto X

The 2014 #MotoX is still a pretty solid device if you can get it for the right price. It’s covered by #Motorola as far as the software is concerned, so you can be assured of getting the best experience for at least an year from now. The #Verizon branded version is now up for grabs from eBay at a throwaway price of $179.99.

Although the handset comes from Verizon, it has been unlocked to work with GSM networks, so a broad range of customers can get the device. The smartphone can access 4G LTE networks if you use T-Mobile or Verizon, but AT&T customers will have to settle for HSPA+, according to the listing.

The item isn’t refurbished and the listing mentions that it’s in “New Looking Condition”, so it seems like you’re getting good value for your money here. If you’re interested in getting a flagship level offering but don’t want to shell out too much dough, make sure you head over to the listing below to grab the smartphone on the cheap.

Source: eBay

Via: Android Police