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Android Wear gets real-time translation support with Google Translate

Google Translate Wear

#AndroidWear received a major update earlier today with new interactive watch faces and some other handy additions to the platform. Well, that’s not all that we would hear about Android Wear today as #Google has also released a native Google Translate application for the wearable platform, letting you translate text in real time.

As of now, only 44 languages are supported and the app can automatically detect which language you’re speaking in and translate accordingly. Google Translate officially supports 90 languages, but it seems like the developers are still in the process of adding the remain 46 languages in due time. Be that as it may, this is a very good start for Google Translate and most popular languages are covered here.

The GIF above perfectly illustrates how this new feature will work. You will initially select a language of your choice and then make a statement that you would like to be translated. Once done you can turn over your wrist to the person standing in front of you and the watch will change form to suit their visibility and automatically take up their language by default. It all sounds too complicated to work in the real world, but we have to credit Google for the effort.

If you have the Google Translate app on your smartphone, it should automatically appear on your smartwatch after an app update.

Via: The Verge

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