Android Wear gets interactive watch faces in new version 1.3 update

Android Wear GIF

#AndroidWear is now getting a major overhaul, which will change the way your smartwatch functions. This version 1.3 update will bring something that users have long been asking for – interactive watch faces. This means that one tap of the watch face can show you a particular data and two taps can show you something else.

Under Armour - Android Wear

As illustrated by the Under Armour watch face above, this could let you check out the amount of calories that you have burnt along with the step counter.

Android Wear Together


The update also brings the ability to send pictures and emojis to your contacts. This feature is touted as ‘Together’ and aims to give a social angle to your smartwatch experience.

Finally, customers of the LG G Watch R will see WiFi support enabled on their smartwatch, which has been long awaited by the customers. Most new wearables come with WiFi support by default, but for some reason it has taken until now to enable support.

The aforementioned features will make its way to all Android Wear smartwatches and will finish rolling out over the coming weeks, so don’t be disheartened if you’re not getting the update right away.

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Source: Official Android Blog