Android Wear could officially start supporting iPhones next month

Huawei Watch

The #HuaweiWatch was announced quite a while ago and the company will finally announce availability of the wearable at next week’s IFA 2015 event in Berlin. Given that we’re very close to the release of the smartwatch, it’s only natural to see the retailers start taking pre-orders for the device.

Amazon’s listing however has caught all the attention as the product information mentions that the smartwatch will be compatible “with an iOS 8.2 or Android 4.3 or later operating system” suggesting that Android Wear could soon support the iPhones. This is something that the rumors had hinted at for quite some time, but it was brushed aside as a false rumor, until now.

Although it’s possible that this was revealed in error, an alleged insider has seemingly confirmed this information, so all that we need now is an official announcement from Huawei and/or Google to confirm support with Apple’s iPhones.

This could be pretty big news considering that Android Wear was long considered to be an Android only smartwatch, but given the sheer amount of iPhones out there, it makes sense for Google to tap into that market segment as well. What do you think?

Source: Amazon

Via: Android Police