Adidas Group purchases fitness app Runtastic for €220 million

Runtastic Pro

Adidas Group has just announced the acquisition of popular fitness app Runtastic. The company hasn’t clearly mentioned if the app will cease to exist post the acquisition, given that Adidas already has a fitness app of its own. But since Runtastic is more popular, it’s safe to assume that it’s going to co-exist with the Adidas offering.

The acquisition was closed for €220 million, which includes all of Runtastic’s offerings including 20 fitness oriented apps and a handful of hardware products that are selling globally. It is said that the team will be working closely with Adidas to bring more fitness oriented apps and products to the customers.

Runtastic’s products already enjoy a vast user base with over 140 million downloads and 70 million registered users out there, so it has certainly come into very good hands post the acquisition. Current users have nothing to worry about as Runtastic will continue to function as usual and the involvement of Adidas won’t hinder your experience in any way, not right now at least.

Source: Runtastic Blog

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