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ZTE Axon Phone is supposedly the first to use Corning’s antimicrobial glass

ZTE Axon Phone

ZTE USA released the Axon Phone recently with a high end specs sheet and a very impressive price tag. Corning has now revealed that this phone also comes with its proprietary antimicrobial glass, which fights germs that stick to your device’s screen on a regular basis. This is thanks to a new technology devised by Corning, with ZTE’s Axon Phone being the first to feature the new glass.

With the rise of touch technology and our constant interaction with people and public surfaces, the microbes on our smartphones are not our own. We developed Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass to address this concern, and are excited to see this technology enter the consumer electronics space with the launch of the ZTE AXON,” said the Vice President of Corning’s Special Surfaces program.

Corning Antimicrobial Glass

Using this technology, it was found that the glass would fight off bacteria even after 30 minutes of sticking to the surface, while all of the germs were supposedly removed entirely in 2 hours. This technology could be a godsend for germophobes who resort to wiping and cleaning their display every chance they get. Expect this glass to be utilized in upcoming devices as well.

Source: Market Watch

Via: Phone Arena

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