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YouTube no longer connected with Google+

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In a bid to make most of its services independent of Google+, Google has decided to break integration of the social network with a few of its services. YouTube is the latest service to join this list which means that Google will no longer ask you for a Google+ login to comment or create a channel on YouTube. All you will need is a Google based email (Gmail) and a password, much like on any other third party service out there.

Further, your comments on YouTube will not appear on your Google+ profile, thanks to the disintegration of the two services. This means that they will operate independently of each other. Google recently announced the closure of Google+ Photos, keeping Google Photos as the sole option for customers.

This goes to show that Google is really serious about sidetracking Google+ and while the service might not completely close its doors, it seems like Google will offer no incentive for the users to stay on board. From a social networking standpoint, Google+ will pretty much be available and the service has come a long way since its inception, even though the likes of Facebook were its prime competitors.

It is said that Google will “move some features that aren’t essential to an interest-based social experience out of Google+.” So the writing is pretty much on the wall right now. The best part about this ordeal is that new users of YouTube won’t have to worry about a Google+ profile before posting a comment on YouTube.

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Source: YouTube Blog, Google Blog

Via: Engadget

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