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You can now get Xiaomi’s 16,000 mAh battery pack for just $18.99

Xiaomi 16,000 mAh

The 16,000 mAh power bank from Xiaomi can now be yours for just $18.99 courtesy of a listing over at eBay. This power bank was recently announced by the manufacturer, but was only available in Asia up until now. Given the capacity of the batteries inside, you can charge an average smartphone more than 5 times and still have some juice left. You can even charge tablets with it.

The power bank comes with two full sized USB ports letting you charge two devices simultaneously while you’re on the go. The retailer on eBay is shipping the product only within the U.S. and has the solitary silver variant of the power bank available. There’s even a 14-day returns policy mentioned on the listing, which is quite decent for a product priced this cheap.

Xiaomi is known for its ultra cheap smartphones and accessories, with the Mi power bank being one of its most popular products selling globally. The company recently opened up its accessory store to Americans and we can expect this power bank to be officially available sometime soon.

Source: eBay

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