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Xiaomi strengthening its patent lineup before U.S. arrival

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Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra has mentioned that the company is strengthening its lineup of patents in anticipation of an imminent U.S. release. The company will also license some patents from major companies which should keep it safe from lawsuits.

It has been speculated that the company’s primary hesitation to bring devices to the U.S. is the fear of being taken to court for patent infringement, mainly by Apple. But if the company can ensure that its devices aren’t infringing on any of the patents in the U.S., they can proceed with the launch without much worry.

If it’s a patent and it’s an essential patent then, of course, it needs to be licensed. Secondly, we’re building our own portfolio of patents, for defensive purposes,” said Barra.

He ruled out an American launch in the immediate future, mentioning that it might take over a year from now for Xiaomi’s first phone to break cover in the U.S. Xiaomi currently operates in Asian markets where patent infringement isn’t taken as seriously as in the U.S. The company’s notorious design philosophy has earned them the tag of copycat.

Source: Bloomberg

Via: Android Authority

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