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[Video] Watch the LG G Flex 2 gets run over by a 10 ton roller

LG G Flex 2 Roller

We’ve seen drop tests over a period of time from reviewers and experts alike. But one of them decided to go a step further with the LG G Flex 2 smartphone by putting it under a 10 ton roller. The result? Well, the smartphone was obviously shattered and rendered useless, as the sheer weight of the roller is enough to crush the device. No self healing back cover will save your phone from that.

However, this is an extreme and virtually impossible situation to come across for the everyday user as you won’t see phones getting run over by heavy rollers on a daily basis. The demonstrator also performed a conventional drop test on the device which scratched up the back of the device pretty badly, and the self healing back cover couldn’t do much unfortunately.

This might not be good PR for LG, but the company can seek solace in the fact that the device sustained that long before being shattered completely. You can watch the video in its entirety below.

Source: YouTube

Via: Phone Arena

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