Troubleshooting and Solutions for Samsung Galaxy S6 Power/Charging Problems



The most common issue that Android users face lies on the battery and the difficulty in charging. Power issues are rampant on any phones and other devices. You may be happily charging today and mourning the death of your battery on the next. It is important that we know how to isolate power issues and determine the cause in order to come up with a resolution. Most of these issues can be resolved DIY but there are those that really need the expert hands of a technician in order to function again. Each of the problem below describes different power and charging issues sent by Android users like you. Read on and see if your issue matches theirs. Solutions are provided for each problem. Hope we are able to help out. The following are the questions that you may ask yourself when dealing with power problems:

1. When was the last time that I have used my phone? What was I doing?

2. Have I tried a different wall outlet to charge my phone?

3. Have I tried to use a different charger?

4. Have I tried to power off my phone and let it rest for a few minutes?


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Problem # 1: Samsung Galaxy S6 is not charging properly and battery drains fast


Hi. I have the Samsung Galaxy S6.  I got it in and it has been a very frustrating few months. First of all, within the first week I noticed the fast charger of yours was charging, then not charging, charging, then not. All while it was on a shelf and not being touched. A month in, the phone stopped recognizing the charger as the “provided charger for faster charging”.  The guy at Verizon said it was just a software update problem. He assured me it was still charging just as fast. Well a few weeks later, once plugged in, it only went up a few percentages over the next few hours. After a week, I had to get a new sim card. Talk about it buffering right out of the box! I wanted to run and get a new kind of phone just one week in. Luckily the new card was better. So I have a bum charger and a new card (that card didn’t stop it from freezing all the time though). I just read about the hard reset which I’ll try next time but why is a brand new, very expensive phone freezing like this? Finally, a few weeks ago, my phone had about a 45% charge. I was playing a game and there was no warning on how much battery juice I used up. The phone went from being nearly half charged to a complete black out. After that it would not charge (with any cord) at all. It was completely dead and there’s no change for the rest of the night. It wasn’t till the next morning that the phone responded to a charge. I’m doing what troubleshooting you’ve recommended and including resetting it to factory settings as the guy on my third trip back to Verizon told me to do. Losing apps, games and more though not happily. I’m so disappointed. I excitedly switched from iPhone back to Android. I did a lot of research! I was so stoked to get this phone! It’s had so many problems it’s making me wish I could go back to Apple. Something I never thought could happen. I will do all your troubleshooting and hope for the best but it all just makes me want to scream. Thank you for reading my rant. — Kelly Musson


Solution: Hello Kelly. That must have been a very frustrating situation to go through. What with the multiple issues you have with your phone. I want to clarify something though. After you did the hard reset, did it function properly again or not? A hard reset can resolve all firmware and app related issues but it can’t do anything when it comes to hardware malfunctions. Certainly it can fix the freezing issue as this may have something to do with the firmware or a corrupt application. Setting it back to its factory state is a good move. Regarding the battery performance and charging issues though, I assume you have already tried all the basic troubleshooting necessary including taking the battery out for a few minutes? Have you tried installing a battery app to help diagnose its performance? You can find various apps on the Google Play Store. I would recommend Battery Doctor as it can give you a full overview of your battery’s performance as well as tells you what’s eating up your battery juice and regulates the manner in which your device is charged. I’m positive the charging port is still working as it charged again after that small episode of it not taking the charge. The explanation for that is when a battery is completely drained, it will take some time for it to react to the charging. Just leave it connected to the charger even if the screen is not responding. It will start charging eventually after some time. Since your device is still in warranty, I strongly recommend that you bring it to a Samsung Service Center and have them take a look at the battery and the wirings inside the phone. It’s possible that the charging wire attached to the motherboard is loose or needs replacing. I don’t want you to do it yourself as it will void the warranty. If Verizon won’t help you, Samsung will.


Problem # 2: Samsung Galaxy S6 is no longer charging after it got submerged in liquid


I bought all new phones for my family last June 30 and everything was going great. About 4 days ago, my daughter knocked one off into a bowl that had thick cheesy soup in it for about literally 2 seconds. It was encased in an expensive case which fits very tightly. It was immediately wiped off. The phone charged fine and worked great till this morning. When I try to charge it nothing happens. I have tried multiple chargers. Is this phone ruined now? There is literally nothing around the phone or case, which we also removed to check. Is it time to look into repairs already? Please help. — Teresa    


Solution: Hi Teresa. There is a big possibility that the charging port of your daughter’s phone is now damaged due to the incident you’ve mentioned. Moisture may have seeped through the port and affected the wirings and all. One sure way to verify if there’s a liquid damage is to check the Liquid Damage Indicator (LDI) attached to your phone. Samsung utilizes a white sticker with pink or red ‘X’ marks as a LDI. This can be commonly found underneath the battery either on the side or the face of the battery tray. Since the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge do not have a removable battery, the sticker can be found on the SIM tray. The tray is located just below the power button. The SIM tray needs to be removed in order for the LDI to be visible. It is right inside the SIM tray slot in the left corner of the frame. You should hold the phone with the display facing up in order to view the LDI. When this indicator comes in contact with liquid, the ‘X’ marks become pink or red smudges across the white field. One suggested troubleshooting is to submerge your device in a bag of rice for 48 hours with the back cover removed. Rice is known to absorb moisture from electronic devices. Though not a convenient process but it’s worth a try. If it still doesn’t charge then it’s time to send your phone in for repair. Since you’re still within warranty, Samsung will fix it with an assessed Damage Device Fee for the liquid damage.


Problem # 3: Samsung Galaxy S6 battery is draining fast and screen won’t turn on


I have a problem with my phone and I hope you can help me. I put my phone to charge last night like I do every night because the battery drains fast and takes forever to charge. This morning, I noticed that I am unable to unlock it. It’s completely black with the exception of the green light on the corner. Can you help me and tell me what to do please. — Jennifer Sierra


Solution: Hi Jennifer. Were you still able to charge your phone though? Like really saw it charging on the display screen before this happened? What do you mean by the green light? Is it on the display screen or right above the display? I may need further details on that to properly diagnose the issue. Anyway, have you tried to hold the power button down for a few seconds and see if it makes any difference? A soft reset can help with booting troubles. If it’s a power issue, we need to determine if it has something to do with the battery or something else inside the phone. You may need to see a technician and have it fixed. If it’s a corrupt firmware, doing a factory reset would help. You will lose all the installed apps though so make sure to make a backup. If it has something to do with the display, sending it in for service would be a good move at this point. Please send us more details on this issue so we will know which direction to go.


Problem # 4: Samsung Galaxy S6 doesn’t fully charge, stops at 78 percent


Hi there. Recently when I’ve been charging my Samsung Galaxy S6, it’s only been charging up to 78%. It would stop there and wouldn’t charge anymore. It would be great if you would be able to help. Thanks a lot. – Lewis


Solution:  Hello Lewis. Sounds like a battery issue to me. Is this a brand new phone? Have you been using its original charger? Have you attempted to restart your phone? Giving your device a fresh start can mostly resolve non-hardware related issues.  Have you tried a different charger to further isolate the issue? Have you tried charging it to a different wall outlet? Try recalibrating the battery to see if it’s still working well. You can go under Settings>Battery to identify its health. Taking the battery out is not an option for us as the battery is not removable in this model. If you want to check if the problem is firmware related, you may consider performing a factory reset. This will wipe out all data on your phone so make sure to back up prior to going thru the process. The best thing to do if the issue is not resolved after that is to bring it to a Samsung repair center and have a technician look at it. If you are still under warranty then you can enjoy a free service or even a get a replacement unit if necessary.


Problem # 5: Samsung Galaxy S6 does not recognize that it’s charging


Hi. I’m having difficulties with my Galaxy S6. I just got it and today, the screen won’t turn on at all. I plug it into the wall charger that it came with and the charging light does not come up either. I tried to reboot and do safe mode method but still nothing. However, when I hold the power button, there’s a faint red light that comes on the indicator on top and the screen lights up to a black screen but after a few seconds it powers back down, a blank screen again and the red light turns off. Is there anything I can do to turn my phone on again? Please help and thank you in advance. — Nathan


Solution: Hello Nathan. Aside from the charging light not coming on, does the phone recognize that it’s charging on the notification panel on the display? Rebooting into safe mode can only help us check if there are third party apps affecting your phone’s performance especially with freezing issues. It seems that your battery is almost drained as it can’t even complete the whole booting process. That explains why it only goes to a black screen and not fully turn on. You may want to try a different charger and see if it works. This is also another way of isolating the issue if the fault rests with the charger, the battery or the system itself. Whichever is the cause, the best thing to do is return the device and get it replaced with another unit. I’m sure they would still honor the request as you just got the device.




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  1. s6 not charging despite showing the power charging lightning bolt…it just slowly drains. Used it on my wireless pad and same results…indicates it is charging but power percentage goes down. Cleared cache partition as well.

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