T-Mobile will pay $17.5 million in fines to the FCC over 911 outage complaints from last year


Users of the T-Mobile network faced severe outages while making 911 calls on August 8, 2014. This was formally investigated by the FCC who have now concluded that the carrier will have to pay $17.5 million in fines for not notifying the authorities about the downtime during the specified time.

FCC has also blamed the carrier’s shoddy network architecture which could have played a part in the outage. T-Mobile has agreed to pay the fines and has also promised to make the necessary changes on its network to make sure that such instances don’t repeat in the future.

In the event of an outage, carriers are supposed to send a word out to the call centers informing them of the issue. Doing this helps them gain ground quickly and resolve the issue without possibly putting the lives of the customers in jeopardy as 911 is an emergency helpline and not being able to access it can lead to potentially life threatening situations.

Here’s what the FCC had to say – “In its investigation, the Enforcement Bureau found that T-Mobile did not provide timely notification of the August 8, 2014, outages to all affected 911 call centers, as required by FCC rules. The investigation also found that the outages would have been avoided if T-Mobile had implemented appropriate safeguards in its 911 network architecture.”

Source: FCC

Via: Android Central