Sprint Removes Video Streaming Throttling From Plans

Sprint Storefront


Just a few hours after numerous websites and customers noticed that Sprint would be throttling video streaming speeds for unlimited customers down to 600kbps, they have relented. This clause has been since removed and so has the policy.

Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure put out a blog post explaining the reasoning behind the original plan to throttle video and why they pulled it.

“At Sprint, we strive to provide customers a great experience when using our network. We heard you loud and clear, and we are removing the 600 kbps limitation on streaming video. During certain times, like other wireless carriers, we might have to manage the network in order to reduce congestion and provide a better customer experience for the majority of our customers.”

So Sprint was essentially trying to use it as a way to manage their network, which is the same reason AT&T was recently fined by the FCC for $100 million. Even if customers hadn’t noticed the change, it is likely that the FCC would also have gotten involved in this.

While the consumers won in this case, it’s likely that this might happen in the future from any other carrier. So if you notice something, make sure to talk about it.

Source: Sprint via Android Central