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Sony working on a new custom UI which looks a lot like stock Android

Sony Concept for Android

Although Sony has come a long way since the past few years with regards to custom UI variations, it hasn’t quite been a fan favorite. But it seems like that could be changing soon, thanks to Sony Sweden’s new Sony Concept for Android. This is a custom ROM that looks quite similar to vanilla Android, but with some of Sony’s custom features to make it stand out.

From what I’ve experienced, the best custom ROM is the one that perfectly blends Google’s features from stock Android and enhances it with a couple of other useful addition à la CyanogenMod. This new ROM from Sony could achieve a similar feat, at least judging by the screenshots that have been shared by the company.

We can see the homescreen UI along with the app drawer, showing how some of the stock Android icons are untouched (Phone, Contacts etc). Sony also has its own sets of features and its default browser here, so it’s not completely stock. It’s too early to tell how this ROM would perform, but with Sony expected to release this ROM soon, we might not have to wait long to find out.

Source: Sony Mobile

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