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Sony releases crowdfunding and e-commerce site for its employees

Sony First Flight

Sony realizes that even the smallest employee can come up with the game changer for the company. This realization has led the company into releasing a new crowd funding site called First Flight, which encourages developers to list their items and get funding from the common public. This way, Sony can also get public opinion on its items.

The site also has a couple of items on offer that were part of the crowd funded project. One of them is an e-paper based smartwatch while the other is something known as MESH, which is a series of blocks that can connect and communicate with each other. As of now Sony is only offering these two items for sale in Japan, but the crowd funding project should see the birth of many such innovative items over the coming months.

Considering the fact that Sony is struggling to break even in the mobile segment, we can understand the reasoning behind the company resorting to something like this. Make sure you head over to the link below to check out the projects that are currently available.

Source: First Flight

Via: Engadget

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