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Solutions to Samsung Galaxy S4 Lollipop Update Issues [Part 2]

More S4 users are complaining about problems after Lollipop update so we have decided to create another post to address them. We hope that the solutions to Samsung Galaxy S4 Lollipop update issues provided here can help you. Should you encounter problems related to Lollipop on your S4 that are not covered in this troubleshooter series, please contact us by using the link below.

If you have not read the first part of this series, just click this link.


Problem #1: Apps closing randomly and volume dropping after updating Samsung Galaxy S4 to Lollipop

Dear Team,

I am facing below issues after the Lollipop update in my Samsung S4:

  1. Volume dropping automatically
  2. When using app, the app goes one step back automatically – like playing candy crush it closes it automatically or when chatting on WhatsApp it goes one screen back on main page automatically.
  3. While typing keyboard disappears
  4. And lately being facing new issue…. I have S Cover option on.. But while using the phone, it automatically throws S Cover small screen on the phone without closing the cover… I need to wait for few minutes or press lock unlock button so that lock screen again comes up…

I di factory reset of the phone like you had mentioned in your article few days ago but after the same al the four issues still persist…. Please help with the resolution. Regards. — Pritesh

Solution: Hi Pritesh. Please check our brief article on why Lollipop causes problems and follow the suggestions there. Because you have already tried to perform a factory reset, the most probable cause of all your troubles must be the apps you installed. Please do another round of factory reset and observe the phone for 24 hours without installing any third party applications.

Problem #2: TouchWiz launcher problem after updating Samsung Galaxy S4 to Lollipop

After Lollipop upgrade on my Samsung Galaxy S4, the default launcher – TouchWiz has stopped working. If i try to move any widget, everything hangs. I did try some third-party launchers, but the default one was way better. Can someone advise on how to fix this issue? — Shrishail

Solution: Hi Shrishail. Please delete the phone’s cache partition. Doing so would force the phone to replace the cache of all your apps including TouchWiz. This ensures that the outdated or corrupt cache causing this problem is wiped out.

Problem #3: Samsung Galaxy S4 battery drain problem after Lollipop update

Overheating…once below 30% battery phone switches off instantly and turns itself on and off until battery dies or until plugged in. Randomly crashes as well. Factory reset twice. Massive battery drain when nothing is open. Having to charge constantly. Not a single problem until Lollipop 2 weeks — Dave

Solution: Hi Dave. First, you need to perform another round of factory reset. This will ensure that the phone’s firmware is fresh and is not messed up by old app files and directories.

Second, make sure that all your apps are fully updated. Even months after Lollipop was officially released, thousands of apps in Google Play Store remain fully incompatible with Lollipop. This can result to all sorts of problems. While its obviously not Google’s fault, a user may view the resulting problems as being caused by Lollipop. The truth is, app developers are to blame for some of these problems as well. Having said so, try to pick apps that are known to work well with Lollipop. Unpopular apps are most likely outdated as cash-strapped developers may not bother updating their product anymore.

Lastly, play around with the settings especially for features that are great battery hogs. You can also check our previous article on how to manage battery power.

Problem #4: Is Lollipop update mandatory for Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4?

Hi, I had spoken to Sprint and Samsung. I love the KitKat. I don’t care about the new features that Lollipop has to offer. I’m a very simple person.  My question to you is, Am I FORCED to upgrade to Lollipop? I have this notification on the top of my screen now for almost 2 weeks saying upgrade to Lollipop and I never hit it. Both Samsung and Sprint says it’s inevitable. Is there any way to avoid this update?

One last thing. I’ve read in many different articles that there are a lot of glitches with Lollipop and the S4. I love my phone just the way it is. As a matter of fact I was due for an upgrade a little while back and got the S5 only to return it the next day. The S4/KitKat is the best combination of any OS/PHONE combination I’ve ever had.  I just don’t like the fact that I’m supposedly being FORCED to make this update.  Thanks for your time. — Darren

Solution: Hi Darren. Some carriers “forces” major Android update like Lollipop to their subscribers’ devices not only to introduce new aesthetic features and changes, but also for security. The last one is actually their selling point and why they believe making updates mandatory is justified. That’s why despite the negative raps Lollipop has received from all over since its release, carriers and phone makers appear to “force” the new operating to their devices. That and Google’s desire to make updates mandatory do not make it any easier for consumers at all.

Ideally, Android updates should be left to the user just like when one decides to update his or her Windows operating system to a new one. In an attempt to meet in the middle, carriers give users an option to simply ignore update notifications if they don’t want to install the new OS. This is done by constantly reminding a user of a pending update in the notification bar but leaving the final decision to him or her whether to take it or not. This is true for Verizon but are yet to check with other major US carriers.

Do you have an option to turn off OS update notification from showing? The answer depends on what network carrier you are in. For unlocked, international versions of Samsung Galaxy S4, a user can navigate to Settings>About phone>Software update. We understand that some carriers remove this option so if you can’t find it, you’re out of luck. Make sure you don’t unintentionally tap the update option.

We can’t deny the fact that Lollipop has not worked as expected with almost all devices. The fact that we write this article is a testament to that. But on a sunnier side, Lollipop is just like any other operating system in the past. KitKat was not as great when it was first released and there are thousands of forum threads discussing problems after it was installed. Only at a later part did it become more stable and less problematic. With hundreds of many different devices and thousands of apps interacting with an Android operating system, there are so many ways things can go wrong. But just like the its predecessors, Lollipop will eventually become less problematic as time goes by. If you can wait for that time, then you simply have to bear with the nagging notification every day.

Problem #5: Music app problem after Samsung Galaxy S4 Lollipop update

Hey Droid Guy.

I just updated my S4 GT-i9506 from Jellybean to Lollipop 5.0.1 and I ran into a couple of problems.

First I cannot edit anything on my homepage. When I attempt to it says “Unfortunately, TouchWiz Home has stopped”. This happens when I touch and hold an app in the home page, when I try to add a widget or even when i try and drag something from the Apps Menu.

Another problem I encountered is that when I go into my music and click on Albums, it crashes with a response of ‘Unfortunately, Music has stopped.

I tried to restart my phone  and also tried to clear caches but it still happens.

Please advise me on what to do. Thanks. — Bushan

Solution: Hi Bushan. Please delete the phone’s cache partition just like what Shrishail needs to do. If that won’t stop the TouchWiz issue, please do a round of factory reset to fix it and the music app issue.

Problem #6: Samsung Galaxy S4 email app freezing after Lollipop update

Good day. 

 I hope you can assist me. After I did the Lollipop update my email does not work as it previously did. It takes a good amount of time to open and everything is delayed. Email freezes along with other apps.

I called Samsung and the only option was a hard reset, do you have any other solution? Thank you. — Vikky

Solution: Hi Vikky. We suggest that you clear the cache and data of your email app and set up your email account again.

Problem #7: Samsung Galaxy S4 dropping Bluetooth connection when connected to Toyota Highlander

I have a Samsung S4 and a 2013 Toyota Highlander limited.

Up until mid May 2015 the car and Samsung S4 Bluetooth paired and communicated properly. After mid May, the car and phone will connect properly when the car was turned on, but after approximately 60 seconds the BT connection stops. The car will display that its BT has been shut down and the only way to recover is to shut down the car and restart.

I went to the Toyota dealer and had them update the car BT firmware to the current release. After this, the problem with the S4 BT still existed.

I checked the S4 system updates. It shows that the phone was updated to Android 5.0 (Lollipop) on May 7, 2015, which is the approximate time the BT troubles began.

I followed the instructions on your webpage and cleared the cache and reboot into safe mode. I turned on the car and the S4 connected to the car, but the connection still died after approximately 60 leaving the car BT turned off like before.

I paired my wife’s Samsung S5, my son’s S5 and a friend’s iPhone. Each of these worked properly and remained connected to the car.

Do you have any suggestions for me to try. As expected, Toyota says the problem is with the phone and Verizon says the problem is with the car. Regards. — Greg

Solution: Hi Greg. To know exactly which side is causing this trouble can be a cat and mouse game. Try doing a factory reset on your S4 to see if it makes any difference. Make sure not to install any third party apps before testing the BT connection so you will know if an app is to blame.

If you haven’t read this yet, you may want to check Solutions for Samsung Galaxy S5 Bluetooth and Car Mode Issues [Part 1] for other ideas.

Problem #8: Unable to update Samsung Galaxy S4 to Lollipop

I am trying to update my Samsung Galaxy S4.  I have been trying for a while in hopes of updating to Lollipop.  However, every time I try to update my software it fails.  Here is what I do and the result:

I go to Software Updates and start the process. I am in good Wi-Fi range throughout the process. I have tried it with the power cord plugged in as well as unplugged. It takes the 30-40 minutes (or however long) to download the update. Once it is complete it tells me the phone needs to be restarted to complete the update. Once the phone reboots I get a screen telling me that the update failed (attached screen shot). I have tried this 5-6 times over the past few months with the same result. 

More info if you need: 

Carrier:  AT&T

Current Android Version: 4.4.4

Phone:  Samsung Galaxy S4

Any suggestions? Thanks. — Rob

Solution: Hi Rob. Have you tried updating using Kies? If there’s a pending update for your device, Kies should be able to handle the download in a breeze. However, if a Kies update leads to the same problem the issue should already be on the phone.  You can try to factory reset it first before attempting another update. If that won’t work still, please get another phone is you want to update to Lollipop.



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