Solutions for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Boot Up, Battery, And Power Problems [Part 4]

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As expected, here’s another part of the troubleshooting series that aims to raise awareness for some common issues encountered by Android community. Today, we give you 6 power-related issues coming from our loyal readers.

For those who have not read the previous post, you may want to check it to see if you can find a similar one to your problem.

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Problem #1: Fast battery drain problem for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

I have used my device for a month now. I put my device to charge at night and by mistake I slept letting the device charge overnight. The next day I noticed that my device has got only 80% of charge and the same happened again on another day. Day before yesterday when my device had charge 28% and I was capturing some photos, as I was capturing about 20 photos, suddenly my battery level dropped to 15% saying that I can no longer use flash and within 2 minutes it dropped to 5% closing the camera app.

Now today as I put My device to charge, it’s no longer charging beyond 75% but at the notification panel it shows that only 1 minute left for fully charging. then I installed Battery Doctor and put the device into charge, it indicates i have got 32 minutes for fully charging at the same time when it shows 1 minute for fully charging in the notification panel. I’m using the original fast charger. Then I factory reset the device erasing all the data but still I get the same problem. Then I flashed the device using the same PDA which was on the Device. but still I get the same problem. then I let the device to fully deplete the battery and put it in in the charge. but still the problem is same. I don’t notice any rise in temperature or over heating issues.

Base band Version : G925FXXU2BOFJ

Build Number : LMY47X.G925FXXU2BOFJ

Some Installed apps:

  • Clean Master
  • Battery Doctor
  • Viber
  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook

Thanks– Danesh

Solution: Hi Danesh. It appears you have already done what a user can do on his or her end to try to fix this issue. If firmware is to blame, everything should go back to normal after a factory reset. Apparently, that’s not the case here. We think that the battery has been damaged and that recalibrating it (draining it totally, before another full charging session) won’t help. Please find a way to have it or the phone replaced.

 Problem #2: Galaxy S6 Edge still won’t power on despite having tried all troubleshooting solutions

I was using my phone yesterday when it just switched itself off and won’t start up again. I’ve tried your tips but without any success. Yours hopefully. — Guy

Solution: Hi Guy. If you followed all our suggestions in this article, How to fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge that won’t turn on [Troubleshooting Guide], the next best thing that’s left for you to do is repair or replacement. A full diagnostic is needed to determine what hardware component has failed so it’s obviously beyond our reach to help you.

Problem #3: Purple horizontal line showing in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge screen and won’t power on

Hello….my phone all of a sudden stopped working. I didn’t drop is and there is no water damage. The phone will not turn on and I can’t reboot it. The only thing it will display are purple horizontal lines that flash on and off. I tried charging it and nothing is working. Please help. — Nakeeya

Solution: Hi Nakeeya. There are a few factors that we need to consider when trying to solve this particular issue although they can boil down to two things–software or hardware malfunction.

A user like you can only do so much and the potential solutions that one can do is centered on fixing software issues only. These solutions include:

  • Booting the phone in safe mode
  • Booting the phone in recovery mode
  • Using a different charger

If you haven’t tried the first two, this article may help.

If none of these things work, you want consider the help of professionals by having it checked in your local electronics shop. Better still, try calling your carrier, or the retailer where you bought the phone from for a replacement. Keep in mind that you are sending them the defective phone. If you have not created a backup of your personal data, you may lose them permanently.

 Problem #4: What to do next after soaking the Galaxy S6 Edge in water

Well i fell in the pool with my S6 Edge in my pocket and it went off. When i tried to turn it on, it didn’t turn on so i charged it and it turned on while it was charging but when the battery was full it turned off and keeps turning on again and again. It’s just been 3 days since i bought it can you please help me? It’s a humble request. — Ben

Solution: Hi Ben. It’s not usually recommended to turn a liquid-soaked phone back on because of the risk of shorting out other components. You should have sought professional help right away while keeping the phone turned off during the duration. Quickly cutting the power off matters a lot. Your S6 Edge’s battery cannot be removed so leaving it turned off should have been done. After that, drying the phone using a Bheestie Bag should have helped drain the liquid from the device. Soaking the phone in ordinary rubbing alcohol can also help absorb water but this is best done after opening the phone.

Because there’s obviously hardware malfunction going on in your S6 right now, please find a way to have it replaced or repaired. The thing with water damage is that it’s difficult to determine what is the point of failure unless one can physically check inside.

Water damage usually voids a device’s warranty so you may not get a free replacement for this one.

 Problem #5: Use a fast charger if Galaxy S6 fails to start after battery has been fully depleted

Hi. Not so much an issue as an answer.

My shiny new S6 recently turned itself into a brick (no immersion, no knocks), the screen was blank, it would not respond to any buttons including the 3 button soft reset and it would not respond when attached to a charger. I tried several chargers and also tried them on another S6 where they were recognized and worked fine. I even left it on charge overnight but nothing changed.

The internet did not turn up anything useful so I took the phone to the network shop and they failed to cure it, finally I contacted Samsung and described the issues, they could not diagnose the fault so agreed to send me out an envelope so that it could go back to base for inspection or I could take it to a Samsung repair centre qualified to work on S6 (not all of them are yet).

I opted to travel the 80 miles to a repair centre where the staff were really helpful although they did smirk a little when, after I told them all I had tried, they took the phone from me, plugged it in and it came to life.

The reason – apparently once the S6, and presumably S6 Edge, discharges past a certain point it will not recognize standard chargers, it will only respond to the fast charger supplied with it.

So much for the utopia of phones (except Apple) not needing to be supplied with a charger because they will all fit the universal micro USB. This is obviously not a well-known phenomenon because, even though I know the answer now, I still cannot find it on the interweb so I thought I might let you guys know and you can put a post on your site to help anyone in the future with the same issue.

Cheers. — Bob

Solution: Hi Bob. Theoretically, this situation does not make any sense because as long as the Lithium-ion battery is not damaged, it should still charge after at least 30 minutes using a standard charger. Letting us know your case certainly puts that theory into question. Samsung did not mention a particular type of charger to use after fully depleting a battery so this fact from your case should be a big help for Android community. In behalf of Android community and our readers, we appreciate your time and effort in letting us know about this.

 Problem #6: Galaxy S6 keeps on rebooting itself in normal mode but works fine in safe mode

Random shut down. I don’t have the Edge but I read your articles around the Edge randomly shutting down and that sounds exactly like my issue. I haven’t had my phone shut down in the middle of operation; only occurs when it’s not in use (but apps are still running). It’s not battery and it’s been operating in safe mode with no issues. The only advice Samsung/Verizon CS gave me was similar to yours…add one app at a time and see when it starts to happen again.

I’ll be trying this but wondered if there was anything you could add around this. Are there recognized popular apps that are causing this (e.g., FB, Instagram, Kindle, Chrome, MyFitnessPal) or somewhere (forum?) where people experiencing this can add theirs to the list?

Very frustrating as a new S6 owner, esp. when I expect such a popular device to perform well…as the S4 did. — Lauren

Solution: Hi Lauren. No one has really come up with a list of apps that are known to cause an issue like yours because of the logistics involved. Because every phone may interact with an app differently, it’s almost impossible to keep track of apps that causes random shut downs or reboots.

And speaking of random reboot, it usually is not a problem but rather an indicator of a deeper underlying issue. Battery malfunction, processor failure, rogue apps, among others can manifest in random reboots. If you believe that there is no hardware issue involved (battery, CPU, etc), the only thing that you can do to effectively nail down the culprit is either by performing a factory reset or running the phone in safe or diagnostics mode. That everything works fine in safe mode is the clearest indicator that one of your apps is to blame.



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