Solutions for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Boot Up, Battery, And Power Problems [Part 1]

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a terrific phone both software- and hardware-wise. It is hard to ignore its unique aesthetic qualities as well. But, like any other smartphone, the S6 Edge is not immune to power-related issues as shown by these four cases below. If you encounter similar problems, you may want to continue reading for more solutions for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge boot up, battery, and power problems.

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Problem #1: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge won’t start with 56% battery–Solved

Hello Droid Guy.

I am writing to you now in the hopes that my story with the issue may help some of your readers.

My S6 edge died last night, and it seemed like some of your readers had the same issue.  The phone turned off by itself at 56% battery life and would not respond.  When plugged in to charge, the charge LED was not turning on, and I was not getting any response from the screen, the charge screen when the phone is off but plugged in.

I thought it was dead and started Googling the problem. This is when I ran into your page:

Unfortunately the troubleshooting guide did not help as the steps to put the phone in safe mode or recovery mode required the phone to respond to pressing the power button and getting to the “Galaxy S6 edge” screen.  (I do not mean that as an offense to your troubleshooting guide, just stating my situation.)

Thinking the phone is lost at this point I left it unplugged and went to bed. I was planning on taking it to the T-Mobile store to see if it was under warranty so i could get it repaired.  On a whim I decided to plug the phone in and for some reason the charge light turned on and the charge screen appeared.  At this point I would say the phone had remained unplugged for 8-9 hours approx.

I gave it some charge and was able to first boot it in safe mode as your guide instructs and then booted it up normal.  It seems to be working fine now. (fingers crossed)

I do remember yesterday there was a notification that said a security update was available.  However I started that update and completed it when returned home and connected to my home Wi-Fi.  There were no other updates or apps downloaded to my knowledge. I do have Google Play set to automatically update when connected to Wi-Fi.  But, I can recall that the phone was at 56% when I last checked it and was not updating any apps.

So it seems I needed to just fully discharge the battery before charging it again.

Anyway, that’s my story.  Thank you for your time and I hope it will help your readers and others. Kind Regards. — Carlo

Solution: Hi Carlo. We appreciate your time and effort in sharing how you resolve your issue. It’s not everyday that we receive positive feedback from our posts so we deem it very appropriate to publish your self-help story in this post.

Well, we are a bit surprised to know your curious case here. We really can’t think of any other reason why a relatively new phone like your S6 failing to start properly with its battery having more than enough power left. Based on previous experiences with a wide range of mobiles, an external power button can sometimes fail mysteriously (probably because a user does not put enough pressure on it). In few other instances, it can be a battery failure or firmware issue wherein the firmware is fooled to give inaccurate battery power levels. Hopefully, yours is not a sign of any serious system malfunction. We are happy to know that another Android user was able to resolve the problem on his/her own. Should you encounter another unusual snag in the future though, try to perform a factory reset to maintain the phone’s firmware reliability.

If you have the time to read our previous post about battery maintenance, you can visit this page. The article was written for older Samsung Galaxy phones (S4 and S5) but some of the basic ideas can be applied to any smartphone.

Again, thank you for sharing your experience with DroidGuy.

Problem #2: Samsung Galaxy S6 fails to boot up after draining its battery completely

I recently went to the Paradise Caribbean Island of St. Martin. I was so happy that I brought my phone which took amazing video and photos. I saw that my phone said Roaming here and then Home. So I quickly put my phone on Airplane mode, thinking it would stop my cell phone from sending data messages, or creating extra wireless charges from Verizon. The first time my phone crashed was because I kept taking photos, and watching the videos that I had just taken. This happened until the battery went low. By the battery going low, the screen went Blank, but I was able to press the Power key and main button to restart the phone. After doing so the Samsung Galaxy logo came on and my phone went back to normal. I then took more family shots, videos on the island and the weather was pretty hot, but my phone never over heated.

The last time that my phone was on was after a long day of taking photos and videos. I did take a break usually because an outlet was not available at every location, there was no wireless connection anywhere on the island, so I put the phone on Airplane mode. Not knowing that this would be the last time my Galaxy S6 would ever work again, I sat down and continued to look at photos and previous videos that I had recorded about 5-6 in total. I then knew my battery was going low but assumed that I would be able to charge my phone like normal, but this was not the case. I saw a red dot on the top left corner which indicated that the battery life was empty. I then took the phone to the hotel and plugged it in the outlet socket all night, still I only saw the red light and black screen.

Then I knew I was in trouble. Because I had the phone on Airplane mode, the wireless connection was none, and Verizon iCloud was not able to sync any of my photos or videos as i realized when I went back to the US.  What can I do, at this moment I have my phone plugged into the wall thinking, the phone may trigger the memory and turn on. I already contacted Verizon Wireless to ship me a new phone. I really am devastated in that I put so much dependence on this phone. This is my first Samsung device, and since I had my iPhone I never had an app crash or my phone crash on me. What should I do please help me. — Bklyn

Solution: Hi Bklyn. We are sorry to hear about your negative experience with the phone.

We think that the issue may stem from a faulty battery. Although it is common knowledge, a significant number of smartphone users today may not be aware that draining a Lithium-ion completely can sometimes lead to complete battery failure if done often. Bad as it may seem, the situation may still work out positively for you if you can find a way to replace the battery with a new one. Because your S6 has a non-removable Li-Ion 2550 mAh battery pack, it’s best if you can negotiate with Verizon to simply repair the phone for you via battery replacement so you can still salvage the files stored in the phone’s internal memory. Do not let third party shops replace the battery for you as that will surely void the warranty from your carrier. If our theory is correct, you should be able to continue using your phone normally after a battery replacement.

Problem #3: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge no longer charge after it was submerged in water

Hi. I’m hoping you could help me. My phone  was recently submerged in water. I was able to dry it out but I now receive  a message when I try to charge it saying battery charge paused due to low battery temperature. The phone turns on when plugged into the power board. But wont charge.  Is this something  i can fix or will i need a new phone??? 😢

Your help is greatly  appreciated. Regards. — Nubia 

Solution: Hi Nubia. Fluid exposure of smartphone components almost always lead to hardware failure or malfunction in the long run so we recommend that you find a way to have it repaired or replaced. We really can’t tell what part of the phone is failing unless we can physically check your device. Consider getting a replacement or have it repaired by a professional.

Problem #4: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge not charging beyond 1%

Hi. My friend’s phone is having a bad trouble with S6 Edge. It’s only been 2 months since he got his new phone and it was working all fine. Then all the sudden, the phone was not able to charge more than 1%. It dies as soon as we power on the phone –> shows Samsung logo –> shows OS running –> gets alerts (mip mip sounds) –> dies.

We first thought it was either USB port or charger problem so we used different cables and plugs but that was not the case.

So I found your link and tried the safemode instruction, but we couldn’t even reach till step 3. (From your link:

I think phone has a defective battery…(first thought phone port went bad, but his never dropped his phone in water or put it in a hot spot).

He has lots of pics and videos in his phone and wants to save those at least.

ATT has not yet diagnosed his phone but when he brought it to the store, they just told him that it seems like  the phone port got corroded and therefore they won’t recognize it as a new phone. First, I thought maybe hot weather could’ve caused the corrosion but all of our friends (7ppl ) were together during the weekend and none of our phone had that problem.

If he get to replaces either battery or port from repair shop, do you think his media will be saved safely?? or is there way to save his media data??

Thank you. — Eileen

Solution: Hi Eileen. Your case may be similar to Bklyn’s problem above so yes, replacement of the battery may help. We really cannot say with certainty at this point whether or not the battery is to blame though. It’s possible that the charging port may have become defective as what AT&T guys told you before. Your best bet is to isolate the problem although that’s a little tricky because your device does not sport a removable battery pack. If you can ask AT&T to replace the battery first to isolate the issue, that would be good.

Don’t worry. As long as the phone’s internal storage is not corrupted or damaged, you should be able to recover your friend’s files. For now, your priority is to restore power to the phone to do that.







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3 Replies to “Solutions for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Boot Up, Battery, And Power Problems [Part 1]”

  1. OMG!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! You just saved my phone!! Mine wouldn’t show anything though… wouldn’t turn on, didn’t show that it was taking a charge, nothing on the edge…. NOTHING!!! Stumbled across your comment and it worked!!

  2. Just wanted to share my experience about s6 edge not turning on but i still see time & battery percentaga at the edge of the phone

    so i tried restarting it & also tried safe mode turning on & recovery mode.

    But somehow i thought going in a different approach as non of the above worked & it resolved it

    Step 1: hole vol DOWN + PWR + HOME
    step 2: green screen appears with OS reboot or somehting , you need to remove pushing the buttons now
    Step3: volume down
    phone restart & ready
    step 4: better do power off & power on again .. just to be safe


  3. Hello and thanks for a great site.

    I had the same problem that is explained above. Suddenly my phone just died and I couldn’t start it again. I followed your easy to understand guides but that didn’t solve the problem. When I tried to connect the phone with my Cable to get battery it just stayed black. When I tried to connect it to the computer to see if the computer could find the phone – nothing happened. I tried to restart the phone by holding the buttons the guides on this site asked me to do. Nothing happened. The phone was totally dead.

    Then I read somewhere on a Swedish site that if you phone freezes you could hold the start-button and the volume down button for atleast 7 seconds. To me this was not a freeze but I decided to try it anyway. And finally it worked!

    I had 50% battery when it started up again so I have no idea why it shut down.

    So I am not Writing this to say that your guides suck, I just know how frustrating it is with a problem and when you try Everything but nothing works. This time I found a solution that worked and I wanted to share this with others with the same problem.

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