Solutions For Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge App-Related Issues [Part 1]

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Hi Guys! If you are looking for answers to your app problems you may have on your Galaxy S6 Edge, you’ve come to the right place. Our article today provides solutions for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge app-related issues. We don’t focus on one particular app here so if you encounter bugs with whatever app in your phone, we may be of help. Let us know about your trouble by contacting us using the link provided below.


Problem #1: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge keyboard freezes when typing

My virtual keyboard frequently freezes. I haven’t installed any apps recently or changed anything about the phone. It will be working fine and then all of the sudden it stops recognizing what I’m typing. When it finally does unfreeze, it will then run words together that I’ve typed and is sluggish when I go back to correct errors. The phone doesn’t feel hot so I don’t think it’s overheated. Please help. I’m an English nerd with a grammar and punctuation hangup. 🙂 This is driving me absolutely crazy. — Melinda

Solution: Hi Melinda. Do you type fast? If you do, that can sometimes cause freezing of the keyboard. This can happen if the app is unable to process all the inputs correctly. Try to type slowly and see if it makes a difference. Otherwise, clearing the cache and data of your keyboard should work.

Problem #2: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge displays inbox has stopped working error

About every 30 seconds while I’m using it, a get a message saying my inbox has stopped working. I keep sending feedback, but I don’t know how to fix it. This started shortly after I was prompted that, if I wanted to stop duplicate email notifications from inbox and Gmail, to tap that box, so I did. Then the problems started. Now, this morning, the phone is not lighting up like it does, or if it does, it goes dark soon after. Help! — Patty
Solution: Hi Patty. If this problem is only happening to a specific app, please follow the solution provided for Melinda above. Corrupt or outdated app cache can sometimes lead to freezing and performance issues. Deleting the said app’s cache should resolve this problem.

Problem #3: Apps running for several days in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge draining battery

Hi. I’m a first time Android user, so be patient with me. I’ve had my phone about 2 months. I’m pretty sure I’m obsessed with your site, but that’s beside the point. I have a few issues I couldn’t find solutions for. I have numerous apps running constantly. I cleared the cache. Some of the running apps show going for more than 99hours. This is after closing all apps via the browser history. I feel this is a big reason my battery isn’t lasting even on power saving mode. I keep getting a notice that Amazon has stopped working. I don’t know what that means or how to fix it. Even after restarting phone. Sometimes it happens a few times a day.I read about a safe mode. Please explain how that works!Also, I’m not getting group messages when iPhones are in the mix. Is there something my phone isn’t allowing? Or…?Any help would be grateful!!! — Cassie

Solution: Hi Cassie. If you leave your phone on everyday, there must be apps running in the background continually throughout the session, which may explain why there’s a one that has run for 99 hours straight. If you suspect that a third party app may be running without being enabled and may be causing battery drain, booting the phone in safe mode might be the answer.

Safe mode, also known as diagnostic mode, prevents apps that were not installed by Samsung, Google, and your carrier from running. While in this mode, you can continue using the pre-installed apps and features in your phone including Wi-Fi, mobile data, SD card access, camera, messages, etc. Safe mode is used mainly to determine if third party apps are causing problems. It is a useful troubleshooting tool to isolate troublesome apps. Once you have narrowed down the problem to an app, you can then uninstall it while in this mode.

Keep in mind that some third party apps may continue to run even when safe mode in on though.For your second concern, make sure that you deregister iMessage so you’ll receive messages from iPhone users (applicable only if switched from iPhone to Android).If you’ve been using Android all along, consider using another messaging app like Textra or Google Hangouts.

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Problem #4: Unable to search a contact’s address in Google Maps app in Galaxy S6 Edge

Hello. I am having trouble getting Google Maps to access my s6 Edge’s contact information. When I type in a contact name such as “Briana” it gives results from the internet rather than just taking me to that contact name. To try and fix this, I scrolled over to ‘device’ within the Google maps app and it said ‘no results found’. I also tried using ‘Ok Google’ to use the contact address and still nothing.

The next thing I tried was uploading all of my contact data onto my Google account, figuring since it is on Google, Google maps should be able to access it, but it seems to still not work. I’d just like to get to a friends or clients house from wherever I am quickly (I’m usually driving) so I always use the voice ‘Ok Google’ option for texting, calling, maps, etc. So it is a pain to have to pull over on the side of the road and go through all of my contacts to find the right address to then put into Google maps. I haven’t found any other setting online to fix this so I don’t know if it just needs an update to fix this or if it is something I can fix in the setting of the phone.

If I can’t fix this where can I put in a recommendation to Samsung to update this, it is very frustrating. Honestly I used to use Siri and just switched over to Android, already liking the Android device so much better, but missing the accuracy and usability of Apple’s voice program.

One other thing that I miss is that I had different notification sounds for each app, like Snapchat had it’s own distinct sound that was different from Vine, or Instagram, or Badoo, and they were all separate from my actual phone’s messages. Is there a way I can fix that too? Not my own custom message tone, just the app notification tones that are original to the apps’ creation.Thanks for your time and hope to hear back soon. — Michelle

Solution: Hi Michelle. Google Maps is an online app (although it supports limited functionality like saving of an offline map) so its coded to connect to the internet so it can access Google’s list of places from a remote server. A couple of years, Google added a new functionality on Maps so it can now search your contacts for addresses. Make sure that the contact you are searching for has a valid address under your Gmail account for this function to work.To edit or add contacts to your Gmail account, please follow this guide.Some apps like Snapchat or Instagram do not allow customizations of their notification sounds. If you want to nominate a sound for each app, try to play around with Sound & notification option under Settings.

Problem #5: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge keeps showing Google Hangouts error even if app is not installed

Hi. Recently read your blog on the wide issue of Hangouts error message on Samsung S6 edge phone. All the solutions you have posted ask you to go and uninstall Google Hangouts or clear the cache’ but on my phone…. I don’t have Google Hangouts installed, or listed in any of my apps list.Is there any update on why you get error messages for something that you don’t have installed? Kind regards. — Stephen

Solution: Hi Stephen. Try to check first if Google Hangouts app has been disabled. You can do so by doing these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Applications.
  • Tap Applications Manager.
  • Swipe to the left and tap ALL tab.
  • Look for Google Hangouts.

Your Android phone will not give any specific error code for a particular app unless that app is found in the system.


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