Solutions for Samsung Galaxy S3 Apps Problems [Part 1]


Wondering what to do after an app keeps on crashing or appears to load very slow? This troubleshooter series will give you answers.

We look forward to giving you effective solutions for Samsung Galaxy S3 apps problems by covering 4 problems in this post. If you can’t find a similar issue, kindly send us an email by using the email link at the bottom of this page.


Problem #1: Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 sometimes unable to turn off ShutApp

Hello. Thanks for all of your newsletters, I enjoy them and learn so much as well as try some of the apps you suggest.  

Galaxy S3 is what I have, knock on wood no problems other than battery usage and sometimes it can’t find me through GPS, did read of a fix, but haven’t done it, I give the phone a few taps instead. My carrier is Verizon.  Thinking of getting the S6 when my contract is up in August but I’m thinking the below issues will not change with a new phone. 

I am having a big problem with one app in particular and that is “ShutApp”. If I use it to shut apps, it goes through them and I touch the checkmark and it shuts them. Sometimes I then turn my phone off or use it and sometimes I walk away. If I walk away, “sometimes” the app itself doesn’t close and my phone does not hibernate and the next time I go to get my phone it’s still on and HOT. The battery today went from over 80% to 16% and the temperature was 100*.  This happened once when I went to sleep, phone beeping battery was at 15% woke me and temp was 99*. Happening more often now. Going to send them an email too. 

Another issue I have is that I read about so many apps from you it’s confusing, I have downloaded same type apps and hard to figure out which one is better.   Should I assume that your newest drip is better than an old drip?  Example:  ShutApp and Greenify.  Avast and Lookout.

Big issue with my phone still is the battery discharging. I carry around a portable charger because i would hate to be traveling and phone goes dead. I turn off location and Bluetooth while at home. By using GSam Battery and ShutApp I have discovered which apps drain my phone — Facebook, Facebook Messenger, my K9 mail, Twitter, Evernote, Groupon, Kindle, Yahoo Weather and a few others I can’t think of at the moment. What really irritates me is that I’m not signed into any of them except K9 and Evernote and no sign-in is required for weather. These programs just wake up and suck the battery down. I’ve even uninstalled the apps and that really makes a huge difference in the battery draining but really do I have to do this and reinstall when I want to use them?  Doesn’t make sense to me and I’d hate to re-enter settings too. Almost makes me want to go back to an iPhone.  ugh!!!

Drippler, backed up my photos, reached my limit and can’t figure out how to download them to my laptop so I can back them up to a separate drive and then clean out Drippler. I can see how to do 1 but how to do a mass amount?

Last one…  I’m so confused on all these clouds and backups, I just backup to my laptop then to a separate hard drive but that’s not very secure, I’d like to use a cloud (I think). I was told not to back up to Verizon anymore though I not sure of the reason, perhaps when I started using Google? But it does it anyway. I have downloaded these and don’t know which to use. Unclouded, G Cloud, Verizon Cloud, 2 different Drippler accounts, .  Also Portal, Pushbullet, Air Droid, We Transfer, Drive, ES File explorer, my files. Too many choices, it’s frustrating and I’ve done research on most. 

Does someone have a checklist to compare all these programs so I can pick the one that’s best for me? Two years and I still know so little about my phone.

Thanks for any suggestions. — Linda

Solution: Hi Linda. It’s pretty normal to get overwhelmed by smartphone technology so we understand your frustrations. Because you have a few concerns here, let’s answer them separately.

ShutApp does not close causing overheating

Some apps, especially task killers like ShutApp, can run in the background indefinitely after closing them usually resulting to fast battery drain and/or overheating. This is either by design, glitch, or malicious intent. It’s normally not recommend to install any other task killer app in your phone because it already has the same built-in functionality. If you want to turn off or disable an app, you can simply go to Application Manager and look for the desired app.

If you want to continue using ShutApp though, try to delete its cache and data first. Should you want to make sure that it’s disabled, do it in the same menu where you cleared the cache and data.

What app to choose

Your choice of apps depends on the things you need on your phone. If torn between an old list and a new list of apps, we suggest that you pick the latter. We don’t know at this point what your interests are and how you use your phone so we really can’t be more specific in this regard.

Battery drain being caused by apps

Online security company AVG has compiled a list of commonly downloaded apps that are known to consume a large chunk of battery life for any Android phone in its AVG Android App Performance Report. Some of the apps you have uninstalled are in that list. If you want to minimize battery drain in your phone, make sure that the sync feature in each app is disabled. The reason why social networking apps like  Facebook is not battery friendly is because of its sync feature. As it tries to make your Newsfeed as updated as possible, the app constantly tries to contact its remote server in the background almost all the time. A request for updates fires up your phone’s processor, which, in turn, demands more battery power. If multiple apps are doing this majority of the time, it’s should not be surprising to find your battery level drained before a day ends.

Drippler backup

Please contact Drippler for this concern. Drippler is only using our content and they have their own support team for whatever services they offer.

Cloud back up

If you want a more secure copy of your files, try encrypting them in your laptop. You can also use paid cloud services being offered by Dropbox, Google, Microsoft, etc. Google Drive offers a free 15GB cloud storage. Should you exceed that limit, you can always opt to pay for more storage.


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Problem #2: Is Weight Watchers Mobile app compatible with Samsung Galaxy S3?

Hi I have been trying to use the Weight Watchers app on my S3 Mini and constantly get the error “Unfortunately WW has stopped”.  After speaking with the customer service they told me it was incompatible with my phone.  Is this true?  Is there a way around it?  SOOOOO frustrated! Thank you in advance. — Cora

Solution: Hi Cora. Weight Watchers app is not compatible with Samsung Galaxy S3 and its variants. We checked its compatibility with our own S3 here and it does not support it.

Problem #3: Samsung Galaxy S3 “Unfortunately, Google Play Services have stopped” error, Best Anti-Virus app for Samsung Galaxy S3

First, I want to say thank you for having a great app that help those who have a droid phone. All the other so called troubleshooting app  worry more about selling advertisement.

I have a Galaxy S3 that is running slow when online.

Second, I keep getting a message saying unfortunately google play services have stop.

Third, what is a good app that i can download to protect me from viruses and speed up my cell. I have cleared the data and uninstall it before but i keep getting the message. Thanks. — Jason

Solution: Hi Jason. If you suspect that your phone has been infected by malware, your first step must be to do a factory reset. Because this will wipe out everything from your phone, make sure to create a back up of your personal files before you proceed. Not only will it restore the phone to its factory state, but doing so will also make the phone faster provided that you don’t install the same set of apps. Speaking of apps, it’s always best to be careful with what you install in your phone. Keep away from dubious, unknown developers. Install only proven, popular apps to prevent having the same problem after a factory reset.

The error message you are getting about Google Play store is an indication of either a firmware issue or an app glitch. Doing a factory reset will easily resolve this issue.

Some of the popular and effective Mobile Anti-Virus in Google Play includes Kaspersky Internet Security, AVG’s AntiVirus Security – FREE, Avast Software Mobile Security & Antivirus, and Avira Antivirus Security. Any of them offers some form of protection but installing one doesn’t make your phone immune to viruses. Keep an eye on what you download and install and your phone will be clean.

Problem #4: Samsung Galaxy S3 Gallery app issue

I read carefully everything about Galaxy S3. There is no answer to my particular problem. That is why I wrote to you.

My problem:

I have Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH-T999. Factory unlocked.

Since yesterday my pre-installed app – Gallery stop working. All my pictures are in folders. I can see them in the My Files system. .

Gallery shows empty. I tried upload new pictures from PC as I did it before. They are uploaded successfully, I can see them in a file system, but they are not showing in Gallery. I found also all thumbnails are completely disappeared. Now if I take a new picture – this image goes to gallery and new thumbnail appears. But all previous do not exist anymore. It seems the app Gallery is corrupted. How I can fix it?

Also something is wrong in the setting. I tried to assign this device with my ringtone as I did all the time until yesterday. Now system allows me to assign with a bunch of default ringtones and there are no options anymore to pick up one from my folder. All my ringtones still are in the folder Ringtones but I don’t have an access to them.

Please, help

Sincerely. — Lina

Solution: Hi Lina. If you can still see your pictures under My Files, you should still be able to copy them to a computer. We recommend that you create a back up of all your pictures and store them in a computer first. After that, delete the Gallery’s app and data. If the problem remains though, consider doing a factory reset to clean up the file directory. You can also try to clear the phone’s cache partition before performing a factory reset just to see if that will make any difference.

Regarding your ringtones, make sure that they are stored in your S3’s primary storage device and not on the micro SD card, then try again. There may be a problem with your phone’s secondary storage device (SD card). To check, try using another one, save a ringtone in it, and see if your phone will recognize it.



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