Solutions For Samsung Galaxy Note 4 App-Related Issues [Part 2]

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a powerful smartphone that packs state-of-the-art technology but still suffers from occasional apps hiccup. Issues ranging from the apps freezing to total failure are some of the topics mentioned in this post. More app-related issues happen daily so we expect to receive more similar problems in the near future. We may have to extend this troubleshooter series to accommodate them.

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Problem #1: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 keeps getting notifications for text-to-voice feature

I’m no Android wiz, but I have an annoying problem with the Samsung text to voice engine on my new Note 4. I keep getting a notification over and over again. It says, if you have a problem with the text to voice feature please tap. When I do it just goes away or the page where you can stop it flashes briefly . I tried disabling it, but no help. I did a soft restart and that helped for a while. Now it’s back worse than ever. I’m not having any other problems but this. Can you help. I’m sure I’m missing a setting that would help. — Mike

Problem: Hi Mike. Did this problem happen after downloading any update or an app? If an app was recently installed, try removing it and observe. You can also try to boot in safe mode to help you identify if any third party app is the culprit. Once in safe mode, let the phone run for a several hours so you have plenty of time to replicate the issue. If your device works normally, that should prompt you to start uninstalling apps until you identify which one is causing the problem.

Deleting the cache partition may also help you in this case. If an app does not work properly due to corrupt cache, forcing the phone to create a new cache by deleting the old one can easily resolve the problem.

If these two won’t fix anything, consider doing a factory reset.

Problem #2: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 opens and closes apps on its own

Every time I am in the middle of doing something on a app such as Google Photos , eBay, Dropbox, even my camera, it stops working and all my work gets erased. My email everything. I’m ready to break it. Also, it takes picture on its own and opens apps on its own. It’s only one month old running Lollipop 5.0.1. — Becca

Solution: Hi Becca. As mentioned in our post, Reasons Why Android Apps Crash, there are a few common reasons why apps won’t work properly. A big part of the blame normally goes to app developers but as a user, you can still do some things that might help fix the problem on hand. Below are the things that you can do on your end.

Delete the Note 4 cache partition

If more than one  app stops working at about the same time, the most likely reason is either a corrupted or outdated cache. A screwed up cache can manifest in many different forms including the ones you are experiencing. By deleting the cache partition, which stores data used by some apps and the operating system, you are not only getting rid of old data but also making sure that the device will have a new cache to start working with again. In most instances, this works.

Boot in safe mode

Sometimes, nailing down a rogue app can be tedious especially if you have a lot of apps. Booting the phone in safe mode may shorten that time as it forces the phone to prevent third party apps from running. This procedure significantly cuts down troubleshooting time  by giving you an idea whether a problematic app is third party or those coming from Google and Samsung. If the phone works fine while in safe mode, that should tell you to start uninstalling third party apps one by one until the issue is resolved.

Keep in mind to observe the phone after you uninstall an app to see the problem source has been eliminated or not.

Wipe the phone via factory reset

If the reason for the problem is coming from the firmware, restoring the phone’s defaults can be effective. This procedure ensures that your phone uses a clean operating system so doing this may be an effective fix.

If the problem returns after a factory reset though, that’s tell-tale sign that a re-installed app may be the root cause. Be careful with apps you install. Least popular and/or outdated apps may not work properly with the new Lollipop Android operating system at this time. Make sure to contact the app developer if you manage to isolate the offending app.

Get a replacement

In some rare instances, a hardware trouble can spell this type of problem. Diagnosing a hardware point of failure can be difficult for an ordinary user though so if nothing changes after doing all the other solutions above, consider having the phone replaced.

Problem #3: Google Listen Now notification keeps popping up on Galaxy Note 4

About 6 weeks ago Google Listen Now started popping up every time I unlock my phone, every time I turn my car on and Bluetooth connects to a listening device. This even pops up over Google maps when it’s navigating. Very annoying. I’ve ran through the settings and haven’t found anything. Believe it or not I’m a long time techie, I’m starting to get sick of tracking stuff like this down. I don’t have time and it never ends. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks. — Joseph

Solution: Hi Joseph. If you are not using Google Play Music to listen to music, we suggest that you either disable it or uninstall its updates to see which of them can help you with your problem.

Just open Application manager under Settings, tap on Google Play Music app, then tap Disable and/or Uninstall updates.

Problem #4: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 “I can’t find a network connection. Please connect and try again.” error

Hi. If I’m trying to use S Voice in the car I often get the error message “I can’t find a network connection. Please connect and try again.” (probably at least 75% off the time) It doesn’t matter If I am in an area with a strong network connection. In fact, if I were trying to call someone with S Voice and get that error message, I would have no problem making that call manually. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! — Lisa

Solution: Hi Lisa. If you haven’t installed any updates for S Voice lately, try to delete the app’s cache and observe how it behaves for 24 hours. If deleting the cache won’t make any difference, consider disabling the app.

To disable S Voice on a Note 4, just follow these steps:

  • Double tap the Home button to open S Voice.
  • Open the menu.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Uncheck Open via the home key option.

You can also disable the app via Settings>Application Manager>All tab.

Problem #5: Galaxy Note 4 keeps being redirected to Google Play Store app

When I go into text, Google Play pops on my screen and won’t let me go back out unless I press home key and retry. The screen freezes a lot and constantly have to reset my phone. — Jasmyne

Solution: Hi Jasmyne. If you are being directed to some apps in Google Play Store most of the time, your phone is most probably infected with an adware. Doing a factory reset will easily fix this problem. After doing a factory reset, make sure to install only trusted apps. Viruses, adwares, or malware are spread by rogue apps so make sure to keep only reliable apps.

Problem #6: How to get Kid Mode in Galaxy Note 4


Solution: Hi Juan. There’s no built-in setting that you can change to let the phone what you want. However, you can download Kid Mode app from Google Play Store to help you.

Problem #7: Verizon Message+ app in Galaxy Note 4 delay in sending messages

Hi, I’ve been having issues with my Note 4 recently, specifically with the message+ app. Whenever I send a text I have to stay in the app for at least 15 seconds to make sure it gets delivered. If I don’t, the message would not send and I’ll back check hours later and it still says sending under the message…also it freezes and lags a lot when I’m typing. Do you have any potential solutions?

Also I have been having a lot of network issues where my 4G LTE with Verizon drops out or is very slow but I don’t have this problem with my work iPhone that Is on [email protected]Jeriah

Solution: Hi Jeriah. Try to clear the app’s cache and data to fix a possible problem from the app itself. Delay in sending messages can also be network-related so talking to Verizon may help you get the resolution. Doing so may also fix the network issues you’re having right now.

Wiping the phone to restore its factory defaults can also be effective.

Problem #8: How to uninstall Keeper via Play Store in Galaxy Note 4

Droid Guy, I downloaded the Keeper application recommended by Drippler. I am forced to always login with the Master password for certain designated applications on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The Application Manager no longer shows an icon for the Keeper app after I selected to ‘Turn Off’ the application.

How can I completely ‘uninstall’ this application from my Note 4?

I requested assistance from Keeper and their support is not understanding I cannot view the icon for Keeper and my smartphone selected application for encryption are Locked.

Your assistance is most needed.  Thank you. — Luther

Solution: Hi Luther. If you no longer have access to uninstall Keeper normally, try doing it under Google Play Store>My apps.

Problem #9: Gmail app in Note 4 keeps on making sound notification

Hello Droid Guy. For the life of me I cannot get the notification for Gmail to stop coming to my phone. The notification appears in the status bar up top as well as makes a noise. This is particularly annoying in the early morning hours when we are sleep.

I am a IT guy and have been for over 25 years, I’m quite technical. I have turned the notifications off inside the app, I have also scoured the internet to see if anyone else is having this issue.  All with no luck, that’s when I stumble across  you Note 4 problems after Lollipop article.

Unfortunately I have not been updated to Lollipop, my phone still has Kit Kat (4.4.4) installed.

Please let me know if you can help me solve this issue.

Thanks. — Tmack 

Solution: Hi Tmack. The only way to stop sound notifications from coming is by tweaking the notification settings. Unlike Lollipop, KitKat’s notification system is relatively easy to modify. If you don’t want any sound notifications at all, just select an alternative like vibrate. In the event that there’s a unique bug in your system, consider deleting Gmail app’s data and configure your account again.



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